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Need a faster way to pull items from enderchests

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by Jeff Fisher, Mar 24, 2013.

  1. Jeff Fisher

    Jeff Fisher New Member

    Well I Have a sorting system set up that was working fine for a max size and speed buildcraft quarry but I wanted to make something to get resources faster....

    So I built my first redpower 2 frame tunnel bore machine. That I nicknamed "Big Bertha".


    Shes 8 blocks wide and about 48 or so high.. so it mines about 384 blocks every like 2 seconds i guess?

    Well My sorting system just can not handle this thing AT ALL..

    1 Issue I'm running into is how to pull the items out of the ender chest fast enough.. Rite now I have 5 filters pulling out of 2 ender chests and they still cant keep up lol..

    So... Any ideas on how to pull the items out of the chests fast enough?

    Thanks :)
  2. a.lie

    a.lie New Member

    void the cobblestone (any thinkable way ... a lava block is an option), use sorting machines instead of filters hooked to one or more ender chests
  3. Jeff Fisher

    Jeff Fisher New Member

    Well I don't want to void all the cobble and dirt as I turn it into scrap.. I can void what wont fit into my scrap production but then I still have to have a way to pull the stuff out of the chests fast enough in the first place.

    Will sorting machines pull items out faster then filters?
  4. 343N

    343N New Member

    you can try multiple enderchests with sorting machines on eachone, routing to the same place. that might work rather well
  5. Zjarek_S

    Zjarek_S New Member

    I'd use redstone energy cell (set to 64 MJ/t for maximum efficiency) and a wooden pipe with a gate inventory empty -> redstone signal, or better two of them (one setup like this will be 4 times faster than filter with fastest timer). You can then make a preliminary sorting (dirt gravel and cobble) using BC pipes and send rest to RP2 system.
  6. Jeff Fisher

    Jeff Fisher New Member

    Huh? I'm kinda confused here.. Wouldn't a BC gate by much slower since then don't pull more then one item at a time.. I dont think I understand what your saying
  7. Silent_007

    Silent_007 New Member

    BC wooden pipes can pull more than one item at a time provided you supply enough power. That's why he suggested using a redstone energy cell to power it. So that's a decent option maybe.

    The option of using multiple ender chests is also good. I would stick with the filters rather than sorting machines to pull from them though; you can feed the outputs of many filters into a single sorting machine in an in-line configuration.
  8. Jeff Fisher

    Jeff Fisher New Member

    You can power a wooden pipe with a redstone energy cell!? I knew then redstone engines pulled 1 item at a time and peat pulls like half a stack and stirling pulled 1 stack at a time but there all engines. Either im up to late and I am missreading that or I missed something thing wooden pipes for a long time of using them[DOUBLEPOST=1364098295][/DOUBLEPOST]wow.. Just hooked a redstone energy cell up to the wooden pipe and my mind was blown... All this time I never knew that wooden pipes were powered by MJ I thought it was just the engines pulling the items out and not really related to the Mj the engines produced.
  9. slay_mithos

    slay_mithos New Member

    I don't know how it reacts on frames, but a pair of item tesseracts could very well solve the problem.
    You will need to make the BC pipes output to a bunch of relays to be able to keep up and put it into tubes, but that's less costly than 5 ender chests, and way less laggy than a ton of machines extracting at very fast speed.
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  10. Jeff Fisher

    Jeff Fisher New Member

    My mind is still blown...
    Thanks for the redstone energy cell thing I would have never known.

    I just hooked a wooden pipe up to the same enderchests my filters pull out of and hooked a redstone energy cell on it at 60 mj/t and holy crap... Its perfect it pulls the items insanely fast. Only thing I notice tho is it eats the redstone cell up insanely fast also so I'm going to have to keep it powereed with alota Mj's
  11. brujon

    brujon New Member

    I think it would probably work out for the best if you simply scraped the Enderchest from your system. Instead, feed the items into a Diamond Chest and pump them out to an Item Tesseract. Then, the Item Tesseract on the receiving end, outputs it into another Diamond Chest used as a buffer, which is then processed by your sorting system of choice. Item Tesseracts will pull items faster out of the buffer Diamond Chest, and since you have another Diamond Chest as a buffer on the other end, the resulting massive 206 slots of buffer should be able to handle the throughput of your machine, with no problems at all.
  12. Peter_Gunnn

    Peter_Gunnn New Member

    make your life easier and use a filter to siphon off the cobble and make fresh cobble for scrap. your bandwidth is totally used up by something that you can make locally for free. i'd keep the dirt.
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  13. Jeff Fisher

    Jeff Fisher New Member

    Hmm Yah I might just do that honestly.. What would be the easiest way to void the cobble on the frame machine so I can voide it before it even gets into the sorting system.

    EDIT: I should mention I am min Mindcrack pack 8.2.. With additional Pipes installed also
  14. Vauthil

    Vauthil New Member

    That's how I handled my "chasm bore" for a good while... item tesseracts at regular intervals to keep the items-in-tubes clutter down, then routed to a "central processing" frequency where the bulk processing splits up the bulkiest stuff (tesseract into a diamond pipe is great for a short list like the typical cobble/gravel/sand/dirt to either void or head to some relay/regulator setups to package up for bulk dumping into recyclers) to go to some intermediate (to be processed) and final (no need to process/already processed) destinations. This allowed me to see immediately where any bottlenecks would crop up and deal with them until the system was sound.

    My current "chasm bore" is a 12 (wide) x 62 (high) and the setup handled that quite fine. The biggest design flaw was a single route to the machinery through a "buffer" diamond chest, and the solution there was simply to have two sorting machines rather than one attached there. Its predecessor was an 8x64 and it ran just fine for over 50000 blocks before I turned it off for "okay that's enough" purposes.

    Unfortunately not something I can put on display/screenshots now because I've flipped the server over to Ultimate and we're just stuffing it all into AE for our test run on our "moon base" (which, being AE and with the extreme amount of power production we have built up now... is a total non-issue, but is also a non-option for a Mindcrack pack user, unfortunately; the old system was a "supermarket" with extensive "aisles" going through the usual sorting machine-as-overglorified-filter/router/barrel rigamorale, and it held up very well considering the sheer nutzoid volume of products it handled between the chasm bore and a bajillion bees pooping out products).
  15. Chocorate

    Chocorate New Member

    Nice name for the Bore. Next put a TNT cannon attached to it to finish the whole thing.

    I think you can just use relays or something to pull things out 64 at a time
  16. Peter_Gunnn

    Peter_Gunnn New Member

    i'd place a filter+timer to the side of the enderchest input tube, directly into a chest if possible. from the chest use either a gate or blulectric engine on a wooden pipe to a void pipe. i'm not sure if there's a better way to connect rp tubes to a bc void pipe, especially if the thing moves.
  17. Jeff Fisher

    Jeff Fisher New Member

    Yah I was thinking about putting a filter between the blockbreakers and enderchest and have it set for cobble and have it shoot into a void pipe but since the whole thing moves I dont know how reliable that would be lol
  18. baw179

    baw179 New Member

    You don't need anything like 64 MJ/t using a REC on a wood pipe. 3 MJ/t is sufficient to pull 1 full stack at a time so when you factor in the delay whilst the frame moves forward I reckon that for 198 items per second you will find that 4-5 MJ/t is easily enough to empty the ender chest each cycle. Just put the ender chest and REC diagonally to each other with the REC sitting next to the wood pipe, then put a structure pipe between the REC and ender chest with a standard gate on it set to 'items in inventory - energy pulser'. Set the REC to require a high redstone signal and set the output to 4 or 5 MJ/t and you're good to go.
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  19. LANMind

    LANMind New Member

    I stopped by after searching for this exact thing. Thanks, this helped.

    A world without RP2 is a strange and awful place....
  20. dieselfuelonly

    dieselfuelonly New Member

    With my RP2 bore I used the following system:

    The bore was almost entirely made of redstone tube frames.

    Connected to those frames was a single ender chest.

    Redpower will automatically route all items that enter the pipes from the block breakers to this chest.

    In my base was another ender chest with the same color code as on the bore.

    Connected to the ender chest in the base was a router with a speed upgrade and an ejector upgrade. You will be hard pressed to find a machine that will transfer items faster than a router.

    Below the router was an ME interface

    The router will pull items from the ender chest stupid fast with the speed upgrade, and then eject them into the ME interface. Never had an issue with any overflow. Worst comes to worst add a second set of ender chests (different color code) on both ends and a second router.

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