Mystcraft Void age recipe ?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Recer75, May 6, 2013.

  1. Recer75

    Recer75 New Member

    Hi i am trying to create a Void age to build and live in. I have tried many times but it almost look random if i get a void age in one world or a random Biome in another. I would prefer if it didn't rain or snow and some degree of temperature would be nice for plants and bees.

    This is my current page setup: Void, Ocean Biome, Singel Biome, Noon, Full Length, Normal Sunn, End, Full Length,
    Normal Moon, Full Length, Normal Star, Accelerated, Bright, Normal Weather, Black, Night Sky Color, Blue, Sky Color, Clear Modifiers.
  2. thestarlion

    thestarlion New Member

    The symbols I use to generate my Void ages are, in the following order:
    Single Biome, Void, Mushroom Island*, Normal Sun, Normal Moon, Normal Stars, Normal Lighting, No Weather, Clear Modifiers

    *Can be replaced with any other, this is just to prevent mobs spawning naturally. Spawners, inc. Soul Shard ones, still function. Note however that for bees, this biome is considered 'Damp' on humidity.

    This usually results in a stable, liveable age that has only what I want/need and put there, suitable for any purpose with the above notes taken into account.

    If I want an infinite day I'll throw 'Zero Length' before the sun, or as an interesting alternative you can exchange the Normal Sun symbol in that lineup with:
    Double Length, Noon, Normal Sun, Double Length, End, Normal Sun
    which will give you two normal suns in a double-length day, set so that when one is setting the other is rising.

    Looking at your lineups, I think your problem might be the 'Accellerated' symbol, AFAIK it adds some instability to an age.
    Hope this helps you out.
  3. Recer75

    Recer75 New Member

    Tanks for the replay and i am getting closer to my goal.
    I am testing the setup below many times in a row to eliminate any errors and i discover that sometime i get a rondom biome instead of a void.
    Whays that?

    Singel Biome,Void, Ocean Biome,

    Noon, Full Length, Normal Sun,
    End, Full Length, Normal Moon,
    Full Length, Normal Star,
    Normal Weather,


    Black, Night Sky Color,
    Blue, Sky Color,
    Clear Modifiers.
  4. thestarlion

    thestarlion New Member

    I think it's the Full Length on 'Normal Stars' as Stars don't require a length symbol, but that should also be caught and dealt with by Clear Modifiers. You also shouldn't need to specify the Night Sky and Sky colours unless you want them different to normal, and since Black/Blue is the normal anyway, I think you should be able to safely take those four symbols out, give it a try and see if that returns what you want.
  5. Recer75

    Recer75 New Member

    Nope i still get random biomes.
  6. sweden_revenge

    sweden_revenge New Member

    Go inte the FTB saves folder and open the age's folder. Then delete the region files so the age will regenerate the actual age you wrote. Hope it helped, it did for me. :)
  7. Larroke

    Larroke New Member

    Your terrain controller and Biome controller are two different things... Void is a terrain controller, and the biome types should precede your biome controller.

    So it should be separated:

    Ocean Biome, Single Biome

    etc etc

    I don't know if it matters if the terrain controller or Biome controller is first....
  8. Recer75

    Recer75 New Member

    Do anyone Know of any list of stable ages. I can't seem to find any.

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