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Mystcraft and chunk-loading

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by ksbd, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. ksbd

    ksbd New Member

    Okay, so going through forums, and also watching a few of Direwolf's videos, I've noticed that people tend to set up quarries in mystcraft ages. Now, I've searched and searched, probably using the wrong key-terms, for whether it is possible to keep mystcraft chunks loaded whilst in a different dimension, but I can't seem to find anything other than similar questions on a different forum for the modpack-that-shall-not-be-named. I would set up a chunk loader and do some tests myself, though I thought I'd just ask for once instead. What I'd probably want to do if you could keep other dimensional chunks loaded is build a railcraft system to transport items from my quarry to my main world via mystcraft portals, but this obviously hinges on the question of chunk-loading... Is anyone able to tell me if it's possible or not, and if it is, what the method is?
  2. Darlock Ahe

    Darlock Ahe New Member

    Quarry acts as chunk-loader, it will keep all quarried chunks loaded, no matter which age it is. All you need to do is visit age were quarry is located every time you start game (if you are playing single player, in smp you need to revisit quarry after server restarts)
  3. zemerick

    zemerick New Member

    Do beware though that the quarry only loads the chunk it is in, plus the ones it is mining. If you place the quarry right on a chunk boundary, any engine connected to its side will NOT be loaded. I made this mistake once, which slowed things down a bit.
  4. ksbd

    ksbd New Member

    Ah, thank you very much. I wasn't aware that quarries themselves acted as chunk loaders, it was always my experience that you needed some form of chunk loading block from other mods in order to keep them functioning.
    Well, off to build myself quarry. :D
  5. zemerick

    zemerick New Member

    You aren't losing your mind though, it's only a relatively recent addition:)

    In fact, it'll also tell you how many chunks it will keep loaded when you first place it.

    WTFFFS New Member

    And to answer the other part of your question (whether it was asked or not :p) yes chunk loading across dimensions does work single player, you just have to visit the age (which includes the Nether, not sure if the End is included yet but I'd imagine so) on log in to reload it then it will remain loaded until you logout.
  7. arthahar

    arthahar Active Member

    I not see in single player mode updating in smelting/etc when i teleport to another age until return.

    WTFFFS New Member

    Worked for me running 1.4.2 and a very similar mod setup to the FTB pack, which shouldn't matter as the change to a server\client model for SP minecraft is what allows it to work. I had a Railcraft\mystcraft portal setup to feed my Geogens lava and the minecart would go\return after I'd visited the Nether, I was also living in a Mystcraft age as I wanted to wait for RP2\Xycraft before I explored the overworld.
  9. motorhue

    motorhue New Member

    Make sure you have a world anchor near your machines when travelling away.

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