My YouTube Channel with three modded Lets Plays running

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    Hi all,

    I have a YouTube channel where I'm regularly posting YouTube videos. At this moment I have three series running. All these series I play with shaders (SEUS Renewed):

    • SevTech: this is a big modpack where progression is crucial
    • Grimco's Wasted: this modpack is based a lot on my mods and plays in a post apocalyptic Lost City wasteland. In this series I use my own mods a lot
    • Nature's Beauty: this modpack is very vanilla style and focuses on building, exploring and making things look nice
    In addition I also have several tutorials and demo videos about my mods (RFTools, Lost Cities, Ariente, Deep Resonance, and so on).

    Note that I only recently got good recording equipment (a Sennheiser GSP 300) so the sound quality of the older videos is not very good. I apologize for that. Recent videos are a lot better.

    My channel is here:

    Thanks for watching!
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    There seems to be some background noise/breathing on the new mic as well, but still a huge improvement over the older videos. I'm super interested in SevTech though, so I'm watching that playlist at the moment :p

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