My twitch/curse account hacked, support don't exisit.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Unistic, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Unistic

    Unistic Active Member

    I don't know where else to go with this. I've message twitch support, posted on the curse forums, etc and there's no response what so ever. Someone logged on to my account with the username: Unistic, and switch the email attached since I can't recover my password or even attempt to get the username sent to my email.

    And since curse and twitch are connect I'm logged out of all my modpacks that I've created. I still have the username/email here though which is great. But I've tried support multiple times even emailed them paypal transactions of all the primes I had and emails of the modpacks I've created with response from users.

    I"m hoping that maybe someone here has a connect that can help me out. Thank you!
  2. grandrolf

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    How long did you wait?

    As this is concerning your account on Twitch, then you must contact Twitch for help - there's no other way.

    Instructions can be found on this page:
  3. Unistic

    Unistic Active Member

    Thanks, I've tried everything and I've been waiting for almost two weeks now. Can't access any of the packs I've created and recently the new twitch account I set up was almost hacked too but i was awake to catch the email this time.
  4. grandrolf

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    That sucks, just have patience and wait for their reply.

    Either your device is compromised, and/or your email account is.

    Suggestions for you:

    Change password for your email account using a different device (phone, anyone other computer etc.)
    Make sure to enable MFA/2FA (multifactor/2 factor authentication), for your email account (and for your Twitch account)

    Check your email for inbox rules (if your email has been compromised, the threat actor could have created rules that forwards and hides emails)
    Check "not normal" places in your email for emails (if there's rules created, that should have information about where that's stored, if stored elsewhere), Notes folder, RSS folder, other folders that are not usually used for emails - is often used to hide emails.

    Also make sure to change passwords on other online services, enable MFA/2FA where possible - and use unique, complex passwords.

    Then I would suggest you re-install your machine as well.
    (and do not use that machine for changing passwords on all services, in case that device has been compromised)

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