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Mushroom Spores, how to grow?

Discussion in 'General FTB chat' started by diehard586, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. diehard586

    diehard586 New Member

    Hi, recentely i've been working on better farming resources, i finally made an 10/10/10 sugar cane farm and its working perfectly... so i go to tome villages and got two mushrooms spores, but it seems not growing, i place in the mycelium with the crops and it says "this plant can not grow here", i'm doing this tests outside, so i tried to do this inside, without light sources like a normal vanilla mush, but still does'nt grow... how to grow?

    PS : playing on infinity 2.3.5 and crops are 7/7/2 and 2/5/4
  2. RenzosNips

    RenzosNips New Member

    Mushrooms have to be in darkness, mycelium underneath, and have an open air block above them to grow by defaul. My guess is that you don't have the air block above them.
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  3. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    Toss the spores into the seed analyzer, then check the entry in your Seed Journal. It should tell you the required soil type, light level, and any specific block needed under the soil block. Alternatively, check NEI for information (it won't show light level needed, so journal is more efficient).

    Without verifying my poor brain's first thoughts, red and brown mushrooms require mycelium and light levels below 7, while white mushrooms can be grown in the light on dirt (maybe farmland).
  4. diehard586

    diehard586 New Member

    white mush growns on mycelium and with no light sources, i had to go to another village and pick some other spores, because somehow my analyzer did not save the spores... right now is working fine !! thanks guys
  5. DriftinFool

    DriftinFool New Member

    I have the agricraft mushroom spores growing on dirt in normal light just like normal plants. Still need sand for sugar cane though. Not sure if it's a config option or just how agricraft does mushrooms. I am playing Survival Industries pack.
  6. diehard586

    diehard586 New Member

    well thats wierd... i'm using brown mushroom spores in mycelium and works fine, and also the analyzer said that the soil is only mycelium...
  7. Inaeo

    Inaeo New Member

    Brown and red require mycelium, but white do not. The white mushrooms are a tier higher in the crossbreeding chain, and thus easier to deal with in regards to normal farm layout. From what I remember, brown and red have light thresholds they won't grow in, whereas white will grow in sunlight like normal crops.

    Edit: That said, it may depend on what pack you have, as all of this is configurable.

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