Multiblock tech for MC 1.8.9

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Jul 29, 2019
I have been putting off playing Thaumcraft 5 as it was initially quite feature incomplete. However it now has Golems and Seals in addition to all the other goodness. I also see that Direwolf20 is a few episodes in to a server play series based on ForgeCraft1 running MC 1.8.9 - so I started casting about for a "nice" 1.8.9 modpack to play.

I can't stand the idea of doing the usual overpowered and downright ridiculous tech mods yet again (ExU, EIO, Thermal anything and all that) and so I was really disappointed to see that Immersive Engineering does not seem to have even started looking at a 1.8.9 port yet. (And super disappointed that Direwolf20 seems to be doing the same boring set of mods, again again - he is becoming the Teletubby of modded MC lets plays).

So, are there any alternatives to Immersive Engineering that offer big machines for processing and also arn't a return to yet-another-iteration-of-improved-pipes?

So far, my modpack is pretty small, and the important mods are:
Thaumcraft for all the magics, Chisel for many extra blocks, Roguelike Dungeons for stuff to explore.
PixelMon / ZSS both look interesting to add a bit of exploration to the world.
I don't know if I want a biome mod - I know I DON'T want the overhead of BOP again.
AntiqueAtlas and Just Enough Items for a map/minimap and craft info respectively.
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Jul 29, 2019
It'll be 2-3 months before you can piece together a decent modpack for 1.8.9. The cost of being bleeding edge is lack of options and constant bug reporting anyway.