Moving weapon out of Mechanical User to be repaired automatically?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Benie76, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. Benie76

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    Modpack: Direwolf20 1.10.2 (using version 1.6.2)

    So I'm using a similar setup Dire's using in his Season 8 Let's Play of having two spawners, except I'm going with Creeper/Wither Skeleton. He mentioned in a much later episode he wanted to automatically pull out his Beheader and have it repaired.
    I had a friend who I co-oped with in 1.7.10 who I remember did this, but never showed me how it works (was done with Autonomous Activators or something like that).

    Since I rather not wait to Dire knows when he'll (ever) do this, I want to get this thing set up immediately. Yet I don't know how (which is why I made this thread). If anyone does (and knows his setup, or a similar one with the Mechanical User being used), please let me know.
    Thanks in advance. :)
  2. GamerwithnoGame

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    Caveat: I don't know if this will work, its all theory. BUT...

    The autonomous activators used previously were to do the right clicking, so the removal of the beheader is separate from that. What you need, is something that will pull an item out and be sensitive to whichever tag controls damage in Tinkers (can't remember if its NBT, metadata or its own tag) . The Actually Additions filters would work for this. Basically, you need to get your beheader down to a "broken" state, and use it to set a filter (ExU2 might also work) that is whitelisted to that item and respects whichever tag it needs to be.

    That filter then needs to go into something like an Advanced ESD (fancy filterable configurable hopper, basically), so what will happen is that your beheader will get used and used until its broken - at that point it will match the filter and get pulled out. How you're going to repair it automatically I'm not sure, but I assume you have a plan for that :D

    EDIT: the item that you want to do the right click / attacking itself is probably a Mechanical User, from Extra Utilities 2.
  3. Benie76

    Benie76 New Member

    I have a Mechanical User that's left clicking and attacking mobs. But I want to do is have some sort of timer (or a damage value set) that would pull out the weapon, throw it in the Item Repairer from Actually Additions, then put it back when at 0 damage.

    I've been thinking of something like, having two Timers at opposite ends of an Item Conduit, where a signal is sent to activate the conduit and pull the weapon out and into the Item Repairer. The other timer would be used to send another signal to put the item back in.
    Not sure how well that'll work.
  4. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    Ah ok! I haven't tried the item repairer with tinkers stuff, but I assume it will work :) that might actually work quite well - in that case, you'll be want it to just ignore the damage, NBT, metadata or whatever - you won't need to worry about getting that value right, because you're just basing it on time! And you know it won't break, because it's a Tinkers tool.

    Give it a go! Try an experimental setup pulling a tinkers weapon in and out of chests with timers, and then swap out chests for user and repairer and so on until you're there :D

    Now, if the item repairer is anything like some of the Additions stuff, the Repairer may move the item to its out slot when it's finished repairing - in which case, the returning of the item is even simpler. Just have a hopper or whatever underneath, then have something pulling out of that and into the User constantly! As soon as it's done, it will go straight back for more beheady goodness. You could probably even set up some redstone so that as the item drops out of the repairer, it starts the timer for pulling it out of the User again.
  5. Benie76

    Benie76 New Member

    I tried this setup. it works within 25% of the time. Left chest represents the Mechanical User, and the Right chest represents the Repairer. I've set both timers at 390 ticks (wanted a 20 second tick, yet it counts the 0 being a second before it pulses. My thinking was to have both of these running at different times (yet also using the same number of ticks).

    Your idea definitely feels good for getting the weapon back into the user, but getting it back out seems to be a challenge.
    I really have no idea on how to fix this. I only know the basics of Redstone. Only other thing I can think of is a T-Flip flop, but dear god.. dunno if I'm doing that mess.
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  6. GamerwithnoGame

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    Ah I see! What's going wrong the other 75% of the time? Is it not pulling out of the "User" chest?

    Hmm unfortunately I haven't been able to test any ideas myself to let you know what works and what doesn't.

    My gut instinct tells me that timers in and of themselves might not be the way to go; unfortunately my redstone knowledge is also pretty limited!

    Something that might be worth trying is this (it might be daft, I make no promises!):

    Make a really basic low durability tinkers weapon, and use that as your case study for removal of the item by filtered pulling. That should allow you to set up something that you won't have to wait forever for it to break and cycle out. Then, using an actually additions filter and an advanced ESD, experiment with getting the filter setting right so it ONLY removes it when it's broken. If you can get that to work all the time, that could be what you need. The other issue you've got then though is that there is going to be a period during which the user has no weapon in; if you're not pulling it out fairly often (as I suspect you wanted to do with the timer) then instead of needing to repair only a little, it will need to repair from broken to full, which will result in a long lag time while its repairing :( I wish I had a better suggestion!
  7. GamerwithnoGame

    GamerwithnoGame Forum Addict

    I've not been able to test my setup unfortunately - I've discovered that, thanks to my potato of a laptop, I literally can't have Tinker's Construct with any other mods. I made a special custom instance with TiCon by itself: loaded up fine. Tinker's with either ExtraUtils2 or Actually Additions: no dice. Out of memory. :( What I might see if I can do is try and find something RF-powered that I can get it to use - that should still have a value that will drop to zero (effectively "breaking") without it disappearing.

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