Moving server from port forward to professional hosting

Discussion in 'Server Tech Support' started by Bubbles Bubbles, Oct 11, 2018.

  1. Bubbles Bubbles

    Bubbles Bubbles New Member

    Does anyone know how I would go about moving my sf3 server from it being portforwarded on my Mac to a professional website hosting service such as godaddy or host gator?
  2. Henry Link

    Henry Link Popular Member

    That is really more of a question for whomever you choose to do the hosting. I would select a hosting service that provides support for modded server (not just vanilla Minecraft). But typically there is some type of web based control panel that will let you upload files (or use FTP/SFTP) and you would just upload your current SF3 server to their server.
  3. Alexiy

    Alexiy Well-Known Member

    I can recommend Nodecraft, who host game servers. I rented their server and was happy with it. They have simple to use control panels, and you can upload your server files using FTP as Henry said.

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