ModJam! A MCP long weekend Mod Making Contest

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Muggz, Mar 28, 2013.

  1. Muggz

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    Winners Have been chosen!

    Have you ever had the urge to give a go at creating a mod? Have you been putting off a mod because you were unsure of the concept? Well now is a great incentive! Searge and the wonderful team over at MCP are running a long weekend mod writing contest!

    Now what would be so great about this you ask? They putting up a prize of a chance to join the MCP Minecraft Server for a day!

    New Bonus Prize: The Winning Mod will also be featured in a Mod Spotlight by none other than Direwolf20

    This contest will be starting at 7:00pm GMT Today! and will run for 96 Hours. The winner will be determined by all your fellow participants, this also helps give you some nice feedback as well.

    Some basic rules to follow.
    • Team created mods are allowed, be aware only 1 slot is available so you must decide who gets it between yourselves.
    • You mod should take advantage of the MCP and MinecraftForge API's and not contain base class edits.
    • You may submit a mod for either Minecraft version 1.4.7 OR 1.5.1
    • Every submission will need to contain a link to either a public Github Repository or a public Mercurial Repository on BitBucket.
    • Every submission will also need to include either a Time lapse or a Repository with an Automated Commit every 15 minutes. You will want to Include build notes to say you are taking a break.
    • Submissions will be checked for cheating before a final winner is announced.
    The winner will be selected by your fellow participants based on various factors so do your best!

    For live updates and more information log onto Espernet IRC and join us in #ModJam and also on the FTB Teamspeak in the ModJam channel!

    Also keep up with @SeargeDP on Twitter for updates and for confirmation of validity.

    Current Submissions List

    Please check back for updates/corrections.
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  3. Riizu

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    Would it be possible to get some elaboration on the timelapse/automatic commit rule? I noticed on the participation list, many people are listing a twitch stream or youtube channel. Thus, I would assume regular video updates when coding count, vs. an actual sped up version of development (ie. a timelapse)?
  4. Muggz

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    Searge just wants you to show that you actually made the over the course of the contest. Any form of this is acceptable.
  5. Goz3rr

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    Are you allowed to use other mods APIs? (Using IC2 API for electricity)
  6. MJRamon

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    Hey :) I think it's a nice idea. Also I've made you a simple logo with an idea of Rubik's Cube as a reference to creativity, savvy and Minecraft, also I used FTB colors, cause it unites us all here.
    I think it's good to have a logo for such event :)


    Also another font with more Minecraft feel:


    I can send you PSD file, if you need. Those two pics are transparent PNGs.
  7. pi4t

    pi4t New Member registered. Sorry, I think I clicked the wrong link and then went through, expecting that if it was the registration then it would ask for additional confirmation. If my 'entry' could be ignored and/or removed, I'd be grateful.
  8. OmegaPython

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    Congrats to the winners!
  9. Draco18s

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    Damn, I so wish I'd seen this a week ago. Only heard about in the last hour (friend going, "Modjam winners? There was a contest?" and pointing it out to me)

    Because HOLY SH*T I've been busy.

    Here's the biggest chunk of what I've done, complete with screenshots, pseudo-code (written weeks prior to even setting up MCP), and downloads and stuff.
    Another chunk.

    I wouldn't have been able to do 15 minute commits though. Heh. 80% of my coding is/was done at work, between spare moments. Though, I've determined that I am the fastest god damn worker in my office, and have always been god damn fast (one class in high school the teacher had to invent three new assignments just for me and another guy to keep us from playing computer games). So I have a fair number of spare moments, but they're inconsistent and prone to interruption mid-function-call.
  10. Dravarden

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    I'll love the translocator and the sand dimention in ftb, sad that the sand dimention isnt for 1.4.7

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