Modified Mapcrafter with some Basic mod support for FTB

Discussion in 'Community Showcase' started by lutzee, Apr 6, 2013.

  1. lutzee

    lutzee New Member

    So recently I've been working with m0r13, the maker of MapCrafter ( ) to get a modified version of the mapping software to work with Feed the Beast mods.
    And its doing well, I have most of the main blocks that get generated in the work rendering, i need to add things like the flowers and stuff.
    I will also need to make a script to get the textures from inside mods too, much easier than getting permission to redistribute the textures.
    you can find a live example of the map so far on

    I had to make a few compromises though with things like the Xycraft blocks, I was being a bit lazy and didn't want to go through the hassle of making up an image for every one of the different blocks, so I just defaulted them all to being the bricks.
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  2. Jerome Asich

    Jerome Asich New Member

    I really like this and would be quite happy to use it on my server.
  3. lutzee

    lutzee New Member

    I guess I best get working on it again then.

    There's some things to consider though, this needs full access to a dedicated OS that the server is running on, basically a dedicated machine (Or VPS though i wouldn't recommend it, the initial render would take ages to complete)

    That said, is there any specific blocks you'd want adding first?
  4. Jerome Asich

    Jerome Asich New Member

    Erm, let me see, rubberwood leaves, xycraft glass (if you haven't already) and reappearing blocks from TF. Then I can see my base in all of its 3D glory :p
  5. lutzee

    lutzee New Member

    hmm yeah i need to fix the IC2 rubberwood stuff, theres some odd stuff with the IDs there
    The Xycraft glass is in, but the connected texture stuff isn't there, i'll need to go right into the rendering stuff to get that working
    and the TF blocks are easily doable :)

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