Request Modern Pack That Doesn't Contain Rats


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Nov 7, 2020
Hello, I know this is somewhat strange but I have both an extreme love for progression-based modpacks and an extreme phobia of rats. Most quest packs after 1.12 or so contain the rats mod and I honestly cannot play with that mod installed. Seeing as I enjoy progression and quest packs, I can't just uninstall that one mod because it can break the balance, progression, recipes and quests. Ideally I'd like to play a pack that is 1.14 or above.

Does anyone have any recommendations? It would be much appreciated.

I've also considered finding / commissioning a pack that changes rats to another mob but I'm just worried the words in the quest book and the movement and the fact I know what they're meant to be will make it so I can't play still.

Thank you. :)


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Jul 29, 2019
I disable the mod. I find it very annoying. I too would love mod packs with out it.