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Discussion in 'Mod Development' started by midgetassin, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. midgetassin

    midgetassin New Member

    Ok so I'm trying to mod agin and I'm running into the same problem with my textures thry just won't load no matter what i try. So any help would be greatly apreciated. Thank you in advance github link Also this is the first time i hope i gave you the right things on github
  2. mallrat208

    mallrat208 New Member

    Call me crazy, but for the assets folder and stuff within it you want to use lowercase letters.
  3. ljfa

    ljfa New Member

    Don't push the binaries to Github. That's pointless and it doesn't help us identify the problem. Take the source folder instead.

    Just a few shots into the dark: It might be that the "textures" folder must be lowercase. Also, the folder under "assets" must have the same name as your mod ID, and the mod ID should generally be lowercase as well.
  4. midgetassin

    midgetassin New Member

    Well thank you for your shots in the dark it was th etexture folder being capitalized thank you a ton. Now on word with the code
  5. midgetassin

    midgetassin New Member

    ok so I add the source files know so you can actually help, But now I hit some componation of keys that got rid of me color code stuff and i dont know how to get it back can anyone help. I feel like this is a really stupid question and is very simple to fix but please help.

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