Modded Minecraft stuck on mod loading screen

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Title Modded Minecraft stuck on mod loading screen

Launcher Type Twitch Desktop App

Modpack All The Mods 3

Modpack version v5.9.7b

Have you modified the pack? No

Link to log file

Details of the issue So today I encountered an issue, where I start a modpack from the Twitch client, and when I start it up, Forge gets stuck with loading mods.

This is what happens, first it gets stuck on a particular mod - always DiscordSuite, and when I try to close it, the second screenshot happens.

The infuriating thing is that everything worked just fine on friday, and I didn't do anything to my computer. I've updated my graphics drivers, my Java is up to date, I've compleatly deleted the Twitch client and installed it again, I've deleted the modpack profiles multiple times and it still does this. Any suggestions?

I've also added the "servers.dat" file to Minecraft\Instances\All the Mods 3\config\defaultoptions and it doesn't solve the problem.
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I would remove DiscordSuite and try again, if it persists to happen even without DiscordSuite, report it to the Modpack Devs for that pack.