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Casual Server Modded Minecraft | 1.7.10 Direwolf20 v1.0.3 | [GriefPrevention] | [Little Banned] | [Morphs]

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by leelawd, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. xXTheMythicXx

    xXTheMythicXx New Member

    Best server I have been on in a while. Low lag, great staff, and amazing rules. I recommend this server over all. Plus one amazing community to go along.
  2. Swan

    Swan New Member

    My username is SwanBro and I have been playing on this server since 2013. I have never seen such user-friendly and extremely fast server in my minecraft life. What makes this server more special and distinguishing from other servers is that there is a unique system called 'Vote Points' where you can obtain by voting for the server and can spend them to purchase stuffs from the shop. Moreover, the admins and staff members are very kind, they try their best to solve issues asap and listen to opinions of the users. On top of that, MMC provides users with varieties of events such as: Building competition, Quiz and events like this one. There are more things to talk about for instance convinient warp gates, user mall and teleport system but I think I'll have to end it here.

    Thanks for reading.
    To join MMC >>> http://www.moddedminecraft.net/home <<<
  3. REKer77

    REKer77 New Member

    I am REKer77 and have been playing on this server for a little over a month. There is minimal lag. The staff are super-friendly and always are on to help you extremely quick with problems. Very friendly community that will always try to help you out. I like how you can use vote points to purchase stuff that would normally cost real money. There are only a couple blocks/items banned or restricted. Overall great server.
  4. yotus

    yotus New Member

    I played yesterday evening on the server, because all the comments said this was one of the best servers, almost lag-free, etc, but I'm a little disappointed, I must say..

    I went mining in the Miner's World, for the most part, and lag was omnipresent.. most of the time more than 1 sec to break a block (for it to actually break after I used my pick..). I thought this was because it was in the mining world and because of quarries and such, but it was the same in the main world..

    Also, it was one of the first FTB servers I tried to play on.. does this mean that others are worse ? I really don't hope so..
  5. REKer77

    REKer77 New Member

    Occasionally the server can get slightly laggy when more than 30+ people are on or has not been restarted in a while. If it is too laggy, you can ask an admin to restart the server which will solve the problem. Trust me its a server worth starting on, the community has been very friendly
  6. redninja555

    redninja555 New Member

    Great server, awesome community and still fun after over a year.
  7. yotus

    yotus New Member

    I logged on yesterday again and it was all the same.. I can't picture me asking for a server restart every single time I log on..
  8. Swan

    Swan New Member

    I guess it could be your Internet problem as I have never experienced such huge lag where you cannot break blocks. And trust me you will never find any server better than MMC :)
  9. yotus

    yotus New Member

    I didn't know that I had to have a 10GB connection to play on a server.. I've played on Vanilla Minecraft and other FTB servers without any problems before.

    But I play from Switzerland.. could it be that this is because the US Gov is scanning my traffic for hidden bank account numbers ? ;)
  10. AshtonDurkhun

    AshtonDurkhun New Member

    I'm AshtonDurkhun on the server, and overall it's very good. Only complaint is the donation ranks (lock out more than a few items, and give WAY too many commands like /heal and even /god --- would like to see a donation rank that *only* unlocks items) Otherwise great server, less block lag than most DW20 1.7 servers I've been on.
  11. Chuck Sommerville

    Chuck Sommerville New Member

    I've been on the server every day now for about 2 months. This is a very friendly server. The grief protection is great. The staff is very friendly. If you need help with something, the players are always willing to show you how to do stuff. I've seen some truly amazing bases. I'm Chucks13 on the server.
  12. Retro52

    Retro52 New Member

    This server is amazing.. They have servers on different modpacks so its always fun to play another modpack and know that your friends are on that modpack aswell :D
  13. Mysticmage11

    Mysticmage11 New Member

    10/10 would build moria again.
    I've been around for about two-ish years but decided to take a break, but I'm planning on returning.
    If you're looking for a ridiculously hilarious community will of amazing people this is it right here. Whether you're a newcomer to the world of FTB or a veteran looking for a challenge, we got it.
    I know most of the people who've commented on this post as I've played with almost all of them. They are wonderful, amazing people who are here simply to have a good time. Got a problem? Staff will fix it ASAP and the perpetrator will be punished. L
    Almost no banned items.The only way an item would be fully banned is either A. It's mystcraft. B. It can be used to grief on a rediculous scale and has to be banned for all ranks. Or C. Jonhtom decides to mess around with it and does something stupid. Either way the decision is always a well-rounded one.

    Donation ranks- blah blah blah, EULA and crap-and-we-arent-allowed-to-sell-ranks-and-crap. Give me a list of 10 servers that don't sell ranks. Seriously. We do what everyone else does. Lee needs a way to pay for the server(s) and this is the way everyone does it. (Puts on shades) DEAL WITH IT.

    As for all the players I'm moving here from DNS. I think it shut down. MORIA SHALL RISE AGAIN :D

    On the topic of lag- All servers have it. Modded servers more than others. Usually a quick restart will solve it, though sometimes it's the modpack itself causing conflicts within the game files and lags everything. Plus whenever a new server opens up everyone is on at once and it lags.
  14. dragontamerfred

    dragontamerfred New Member

    amezing server best one i have ever played on :)
  15. CaptClockobob

    CaptClockobob New Member

    This is a VERY good server, with friendly staff, and a lot of RAM.
  16. Mike25ml

    Mike25ml New Member

    Nice server , no lagg ;)
  17. leelawd

    leelawd New Member

    Thank you for all the kind words guys :)
  18. leelawd

    leelawd New Member

    We have just recently done a world reset, Everything is fresh and new :D
  19. leelawd

    leelawd New Member

    Built a new spawn thanks to our Admin, Tanek! Come check it out!
  20. 2Cool?

    2Cool? Guest

    It won't let me join the game its been on Logging In... screen forever is there anyway I can join?

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