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Discussion in 'Texture packs' started by Gerald Huppertz, Dec 13, 2013.

  1. Gerald Huppertz

    Gerald Huppertz New Member

    I just installed Horizons and Sphax and found that a mod in the pack is overwriting the textures for vanilla tools, armour and weapons. All other textures are sphax but the Wooden sword, stone sword , stone pick etc do not have the textures. I tested with DW20 and the textures work there. I thought it might be Armour Status but even with that mod removed the textures were still wrong.

    Does anyone know which other mod it might be?

  2. Greevir

    Greevir New Member

    I think Metallurgy is doing it. Go into your configs and look for the Metallurgy3 folder. In there is a file named MetallurgyVanilla.cfg.

    B:"Enable Texture Overrides"=true
    B:"Enable Texture Overrides"=false
  3. Gerald Huppertz

    Gerald Huppertz New Member

    Thanks Greevir that was a part of it. The textures are better but still not Sphax. Still something else causing a change. Will keep digging.

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