Open Missing hundreds of icons for Infinity Lite



Summary of the problem Missing hundreds of icons for Infinity Lite

Pack Version 1.5.1

What is the bug? Most of the missing icons are invisible (which is very confusing when you can't pick anything up because you've got an invisible item in your inventory) while just a few have the "No Icon" purple-and-black checker pattern.

Mod & Version Icons are missing for the following modpacks:

Pam's HarvestCraft (cakes only, checker pattern)
Roots (Slabs + debug wand, checker pattern)

Reliquary (some (100+), invisible)
Useful Nullifiers (all, invisible)
The One Probe (probes, invisible)

Tinker's Constructs (all shovels, invisible)
Tinker's Constructs (all shovel heads, invisible)

Tinker's Constructs (all scythes, invisible)
Tinker's Constructs (all scythe heads, invisible)

Tinker's Constructs (all shortbows, invisible)
Tinker's Constructs (all bowlimbs, invisible)

Tinker's Constructs (all shurikens, invisible)

Link to log file

Is it repeatable? Yes

Known Fix


It turns out that (most) of this is because of an issues with on osX. Mac users (probably only mac users with a dedicated graphics card) have to open the minecraft profile's file and set "enabled" to "false". This prevents the nice splash screen that shows mod loading progress, but restores hundreds of icons.

This effects MANY modpacks, not just FTB packs.
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Okay so I haven't the slightest idea how you discovered the fix for this, but you have made an anonymous e-friend for life. This solved the issue with all of my tinkers' shovels being invisible. I was genuinely using vanilla shovels just to avoid the confusion of empty inventory slots. You made my day!