Misconduct - An homage to Material Energy ^3


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Jul 29, 2019
This project will not be finished by me. It's free for grabs.
Sorry for the letdown.

MC Version: 1.12.2

Remember the good old days, where you would gleefully upload a spatial storage drive, and went head-first in a REALLY tough battle with the mobs in there?
I LOVED the Material Energy^3 map.

That's why I started Misconduct. An adventure modpack that gives a new twist to the -stuck in space- theme.
While the modpack is still in its baby shoes, I'm just too excited to keep it to myself. That's why I made this thread!

- Ambience by Vazkii
- Appleskin & AppleCore by Squeek502
- AppliedEnergistics 2 by [email protected], Cisien, Thatslch, Fireball1725, Akarso
- Aroma1997's Dimensional World by Aroma1997
- Bookshelf by DarkH4x
- Blockcraftery by Elucent
- Chisel by tterrag1098, Drullkus, Minecreatr
- ClientTweaks by BlayTheNinth
- CodeChickenLib by Covers1624, Chicken_Bones
- CoFHCore by TeamCoFH, KingLemming, ZeldoKavira, Skyboy026, Covers1624
- CraftTweaker2 by Jaredlll08 - CustomMainMenu by Lumien231 - Enderstorage by Covers1624, Chicken_Bones
- EnderIO by CrazyPants_MC, Henry_Loenwind, Tterrag1098, MatthiasMann, EpicSquid319
- Environmentaltech by ValkyrieOfNight
- ExtraUtils2 by RWTema
- Shadowfacts' Forgelin by ShadowfactsMC - ImmersiveMusic KaptainWutax
- JEI by Mezz
- JourneyMap by Techbrew
- Morpheus by Quetzi - MouseTweaks by YaLTeR97
- RandomTweaks by TheRandomLabs
- ResourceLoader by Lumien231 - Stellar Sky by Abab9579
- The Beneath by Shinoow, Darkosto
- TheOneProbe by McJty

Full list of mods can be found on the Discord.

We've set up a discord, where you can stay up to date about the modpack.
>> https://discord.gg/9rnP9WK <<

How can you help?
While I'm a fairly good builder, I can certainly use some help with designing the map.
That's why I'm working on moving the modpack and the map to a server, so people can help me build it.
Obviously I will credit everyone who contributes to the modpack.

I'm also looking for someone who can help me make a modpack logo thats better then what I managed to put together.

I'm still open for suggestions on where to host the modpack server.

Have you asked for permission on MOD X?
To be fair, no. I have not yet asked permission, but I will make sure all the mod authors have either stated that the mod is free to be included within a modpack, or that they agree before releasing the modpack to the public.

I have a different question...
Feel free to hop on our discord server and ask it!

So what sets this mod apart from the Material Energy maps?
Material Energy focused on the spatial storage. While I'm not excluding the spatial storage's, the modpack is not mainly focused on them.
The map will consist of a spaceship that has been heavily under attack.
The ship will need to be re-powered, repaired and defended.
From the start, sections of the ship will be closed off. You will need to power them to unlock the airlocks.

This is a challenge map that starts you out with an ME system. The idea is that tedium isn't something we want to push on to the player. We want the player to have a tough time, but not one where you're constantly sieving dust.

We're still developing the pack, so feedback and suggestions are more than welcome!

Thanks for reading.
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Given the description of the pack, you might consider centering large parts of it around Advanced Rocketry. Solar satellites, unmanned asteroid mining missions, away missions to planets, it all seems like it would fit well with your cnocept, while also providing some of the basic tech machines. You can play with the configs to make for custom planets, systems, and mine-able asteroids.