Minions Mod Problems?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Evendel, Dec 1, 2015.

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    This is probably not a bug and more of a "How could you screw this up, it's simple!" kind of thing...I stumbled on AtomicStryker's mod Minions and thought it sounded like fun for some easy, low-level toying with. What's more fun than whipping those little guys to dig you a mineshaft straight to where are the good stuff is AND THEN GIVE YOU THE LOOT! So I poked around a little and tried adding it manually to my FTB Infinity Evolved mods and it creative mode....sort of...

    I noticed that the third-party pack for TolkienCraft II contains minions and it works perfectly there so somehow it is possible to make Minions work using FTB modpacks. I just don't know how. The only thing that wasn't working for me I suppose is the Minion menu which should default to the 'M' key I believe. In a creative game I can give myself the Master Staff and produce minions, and as reliably as they do, I can right click on a tree to have them start cutting down trees and right click on a chest to have them drop of their loot. I can right click on the ground to have them move to a location. I can hold the right mouse button and have them come to me, but 'M' does nothing. No confirmation of doing evil and no option to make my minions dig a mineshaft or strip mine or anything.

    By manually installing it all I did was download the 1.7.10 version of his mod, then I opened the 'Mods' folder and copied the files into my Infinity 'Mods' folder, and repeated the procedure for the 'Config' folder. His site says to use Forge, but if Minions works with TCII I assumed I wouldn't need Forge. But I'm still relatively new to any modding regarding Minecraft. My son just said "Use FTB. It's good, it works, you'll have access to more mods than you'll probably need."

    Any ideas? Something I did wrong? Some sorcery the makers of the TCII pack have used that I can steal?

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