Minigame: Anvil Dodging

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    My Anvil Dropping Game


    Anvils are dropped from RP2 deployers onto player heads. Dodge them. Anvils are broken via MFR Block Breakers and fed into AE system. Built for a 4 day building competition on the SQUirrelCraft server.

    Sources of Iron:
    Iron Golem Farm - Vanilla Iron Golem Farm with lava blade killing mechanism. Drops are picked up using transposers and fed into AE system.
    Rusty Bees - 2 Pairs of Fast Productivity Bees in Alvearies. No frames are used. Automated using Buildcraft Pipes/Apiarist Pipes. All products fed into AE system.
    Slightly Damaged and Very Damaged Anvils - Smelted back into iron ingots using the RP2 Alloy Furnace.

    Sources of Power:
    EU - 6x Ultimate Hybrid Solar Panels underneathe RP2 Microblocks (boring, but I'm not short of resources)
    MJ - 8HP Liquid Fueled Boiler Running off of Fuel. Oil fabricated using excess power from Ultimate Hybrid Solar Panels.
    BT - 24 Thermopiles running on Lava and Ice. Ice is kept frozen using Xychorium Ice.

    AE makes this really easy. Just autocraft Iron into anvils. Tiny Dusts from the bees are crafted into Iron Dusts using a Xycraft Fabricator.

    The Game:
    The large monitor is just a remapped terminal. This was a 4 day build competition, so time was very tight. Touchscreen monitors on the side to select difficulty. Difficulty is averaged if two players are playing. ComputerCraft also handles the control of forcefields and anvil dropping.

    The game ends when a specified number of anvils are dropped, or the transposers at the bottom pick up an item, presumably from Player death. The item used is a stack of roses fed to the player via an Export Bus into a relay set to send a single stack on pulse.

    Players are stripped upon entering, and have their items stored in a nearby chest. Roses are taken back at the end of the game if the Player did not die.

    Rocky Combs, Beeswax, Honeydrops, and excess drones are simply incinerated via Export Bus into a Tubestuff Incinerator.

    ComputerCraft Code:
    Main Computer
    Touchscreen Sides
    Fuel Level Monitor

    Mod List:
    Applied Energistics
    MineFactory Reloaded
    Advanced Solars
    Wireless Redstone CBE
    Thermal Expansion
    BuildCraft 3
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