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Open Server MiniFTB Ultimate server/open

Discussion in 'Other Servers' started by Odenite, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Odenite

    Odenite New Member

    Server IP:

    A bit about the server
    I used to host a hardcore pvp tekkit and vanilla server. they where going quite well until sadly this thing called a life came and rudely interupted.
    the server fetures nice friendly staff.
    24/7 uptime
    no suddon map resets
    Here is a list of rules to help you enjoy your minecraft life on this server

    1. This server is a PVP enabled server - Make sure you make yourself a nice little home to store your goods.
    2. You can feel free to kill other players and take whatever they are carrying. You may not, however, take items that have been placed by another player or are in chests (No grief)
    3. Everyone has a lot of fun in any Minecraft world by Mining and finding rare treasure - We encourage players to mine to their hearts content, however Xray and Duplication glitches/bugs are not to be exploited and may result in a ban if used.
    4. this server is made to be very hard! Gregtech hard, monsters. difficulty. do not complain about the difficulty of anything.

    What makes our server diffrent to others?.
    We allow each town to have 1 quarry
    This server is revolved around building the best town

    We welcome players of all ages - This does mean that harsh or dirty language is not accepted here and will result in the offender being muted/kicked or even banned.
    We also hold contest to keep players intersted

    We play using a modded version of the Ftb ultimate pack

    Currently this server is in Beta as I am trying to find a perfect balance between the number of players I could have online at one time, and minimal lag. and what needs limiting.
    Website: MiniFTB.enjin.com Custom mod-pack download there
  2. minifangs

    minifangs New Member

    Great server :)
  3. minifangs

    minifangs New Member

    Finished the outline of the new spawn :) Only the insides to go :)

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