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    Hello there;

    I am currently looking for help with making a progression style CTM variant where you given a piece of machinery or pieces of one to complete a series of auto mated machines by the end when the final wool is gathered and completed and a secondary but mandatory items are collected to complete the automation process. I know it seem's far fetched idea but it has promise. Say you start and find the work shop and when you get there you only given a handful of parts and you have to venture out get the wool head back to the monument with the wool and a piece of the machine puzzle. for this all mods need to be active. It has been an idea i've had for over 4 yrs working with modded minecraft. Enviromine mod does not have to be active for this.

    Minecraft is a work in progress progression style questing mechanic. If you guys are interested please let me know i am looking for map creators/quest designers for a progression style. If you want to read up on the pack you can find it here:

    my regular site has the basic info on this forum link for the FTB mod pack information:

    if anyone is willing to help its much appreciated.

    NOTE: Does not require pixelmon as it was for those who wanted a compatability update see FTB link for patch notes.

    does not require weather mod
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