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Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Jusitn, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. Jusitn

    Jusitn New Member

    I'm just wondering then the new MindCrack FTB Mod Pack is coming out to the public, I would really like to play with those mods.
  2. Jack0928PC

    Jack0928PC Well-Known Member

    The Mindcrack pack is currently unstable, Decisions are yet to be made as to whether the modpack will even get released. If there us a decision to release it, it probably wont be soon as they are having extreme troubles with Flans mod and ICBM (essentially the most important mods in the pack). To be honest, If you are not wanting to wait, Why not make a modpack replicating the Crack the Beast pack? Wouldn't be very hard to do.
  3. Jusitn

    Jusitn New Member

    Thanks a lot for you're info on their situation. I'm not too sure on what mods are in their Pack, could you help me out with it?
  4. Jack0928PC

    Jack0928PC Well-Known Member

    Yea no problem. Here is the list(straight from Biffa):
    • 1.6.4 Sortfix 1.0
    • Applied Energistics (appeng-rv14-finale3-mc16x)
    • Ars Magica
    • BackTools
    • Bibliocraft
    • Binnie Mods
    • Biomes O' Plenty
    • Buildcraft
    • Calclavia Core
    • Chicken Chunks
    • Code Chicken Core
    • CoFHCore
    • ComputerCraft
    • DeadlyWorld
    • EnderStorage
    • Evoc (Vanilla Serverside Optimization)
    • extrautils
    • Factorization
    • FinndusFillies
    • FlansMod
    • Forestry
    • GraveStone
    • Hats
    • HatStand
    • ICBM
    • iChunUtil
    • industrialcraft
    • InventoryTweaks
    • ironchest
    • magicbees
    • MFFS
    • MineFactoryReloaded
    • MobAmputation
    • MobiusCore
    • neiaddons
    • NEIPlugins
    • NotEnoughItems
    • NotEnoughItemsKeys
    • obsidiplates
    • OpenBlocks
    • OpenMOdsLib
    • OpenPeripheralsAddons
    • OpenPeripheralsCore
    • Photoreal
    • PowerCrystalsCore
    • Railcraft
    • RedstoneArsenal
    • Reliquary
    • RoguelikeDungeons
    • Tconstruct
    • Thaumcraft
    • thaumcraftmobaspects
    • ThermalExpansion
    • Tmechworks
    • twilightforest
    • Universal-Electricity
    • Waila
    • ZansMiniMap
  5. Jusitn

    Jusitn New Member

    Thanks a lot, is making your own mod pack hard? Because I have no idea, we have a dedicated server but no idea how to make our own pack.
  6. Jack0928PC

    Jack0928PC Well-Known Member

    Its really not hard at all actually. First things first, download each mod, from there you just need to compile them together. I recommend using another modpack as a base. For example I would use the Direwolf20 pack, then disable all the mods not on the mod list and then add the mods that are not on the list. Simple as that.
  7. Jusitn

    Jusitn New Member

    Alright, awesome, I'll give it a try. Thanks for all your help. And by downloading each mod, meaning the packs in the launcher?
  8. Jack0928PC

    Jack0928PC Well-Known Member

    Anytime, If you need anymore help down the line let me know.
  9. Jusitn

    Jusitn New Member

    Not sure if you saw, it's alright if you didn't. But do you mean by downloading each mod, being the mod packs or each mod by them selves, because I don't know how to do it 1 by 1.
  10. ThatOneSlowking

    ThatOneSlowking Too Much Free Time

    Just look up mods you want, drag them imto the mods file.
  11. Jusitn

    Jusitn New Member

    Is there anyway to send the modpack to the friend who has the server. He didn't want to do all the work to find the missing mods and such. any suggestions?
  12. KingTriaxx

    KingTriaxx Forum Addict

    Zip up the mods folder and send that.
  13. Qazplm601

    Qazplm601 Lord of the Tumbleweeds

    that mod list is pretty unremarkable in my opinion.
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  14. danidas

    danidas Well-Known Member

    That's because it was designed for a anarchy pvp environment where you want to keep progression simple and quick. As you never know when your base will be raided/destroyed and they want to ensure that recovery from such will be easy.

    AKA less grind more content

    So if your expecting a more general use/builder friendly pack like their old one was it would be best to avoid the new one.

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