Me system powering?

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by Rottnsox, Jun 6, 2014.

  1. Rottnsox

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    I have now built somewhat of a simple beginner Me system with a controller access terminal and a drive with a 64k storage drive. I have a steam dynamo ready to power the system but im not sure how to hook the machines up? What pipes or cables do i use because Me Cables are not helping.
  2. Omegatron

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    Use energy conduit to connect the steam dynamo to the controller. Connect the rest of the ME system to the controller with ME cable (they don't need to be connected with ME cable if they are right next to each other).
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  3. RealSketch

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    Always make sure you have a large power supply located somewhere in your base, like, a VERY large amount of energy.
    ME takes up a lot energy but RF is really the best choice as it is easy to generate and keeps the system going.
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  4. Iluvalar

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    You need 3 dynamo, hardened energy conduits and at least a redstone battery.

    You will overall use less then 1 dynamo unless you start to automated around. But it will sometime use burst of energy. Say you want to empty a chest in one go... That's why you need a battery and more dynamos ready. The last thing you want is to empty your battery and figure out that 1 dynamo is not enough to open your only inventory system anymore. Don't wait to lose access to all your ores before you build that 2nd and 3rd dynamo. Also make sure you have an emergency fuel source outside of the ME system.

    Once you have this, you can also plug TE machines on the power grid.
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