MCPC for 1.6.4

Discussion in 'Server Admin Area' started by Recon, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Recon

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  2. Connor Gavitt

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    Try again later, could be your internet or something wrong with the site. If it started downloading it is working, also try a different browser.
  3. Recon

    Recon Active Member

    Um, no I got this link from my friend who said that it downloaded to about 2MB and then quit. I tried it as well and got the same result. Just because a download starts doesn't mean its working. Now when I test the link it doesn't even start. Hence why I am here to ask if anyone has a 1.6.4 copy of MCPC.

    This seems to be working though:
  4. cjm721

    cjm721 Active Member

    Never trust direct link. That one has /lastest in it which is constantly changing and the newest is not going to be named the same as the last oldest.

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