Mariculture and Rutile Ore

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by RuneImagiro, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. RuneImagiro

    RuneImagiro New Member

    This actually brings to mind a larger-in-scope question I have been meaning to ask: What is the logical progression of the Mariculture Mod? I got into it almost purely for the fishing.... because I wanted a Koi pond.

    Now though, I realize that enchanted jewelry is the real endgame for Mariculture.

    How does one get from point A to point B?
  2. KaosRitual

    KaosRitual New Member

    I would probably say F.L.U.D.D is the endgame. Because it is awesome.
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  3. KurShedir

    KurShedir New Member

    The sawmill is great for aesthetic purposes, and it's early game.
    The enchantments for high-tier jewelry seems interesting.
    Titanium makes really fast Tinker tools if I remember correctly.
    Fish breeding should be similar to bee breeding, you can get a lot of resources as products.
    The gas turbine produces up to 300 RF/t according to "The Factory".

    You can make all this stuff with other mods, but you can choose to do it the Mariculture way. It's a little bit harder, but worth it.
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  4. CompassRose

    CompassRose New Member

    If you're looking at enchanted jewelry as the endgame, then you're looking to craft the Celestial Mirror. This mirror carries a maximum enchantment level of 60, and is the only way to get some of the more powerful enchantments unique to Mariculture (Restoration, Reaper, Time Lord, Superman, etc).

    The recipe requires 2 magic droplets, which can only be obtained by raising clownfish.

    It also requires 2 nether stars, which can be crafted from wither skeleton skulls.

    So the endgame is approached from 2 different angles, fishbreeding and good old mob hunting. Keep that in mind as you're progressing. Don't neglect armor and weapons. Put something aside to make yourself hard to kill when you enter the nether.

    The regular magic mirror has a max enchantment level of 30 and can enchant jewelry that can help you survive the nether:

    Fall Resistance (10 blocks per level)
    Inferno III (immunity to lava and fire damage)
    Poison Ivy III (immunity to poison)

    As far as overworld, You're trying to gather as much coal, clay, sand, aluminum and limestone (chisel) as possible. Dyes to be on the lookout for (black, yellow, brown, light blue).

    Try and shoot right for the scuba gear as soon as possible. Having that turns the ocean floor into a supermarket of ores and other valuable material.

    Use the reed and wooden fishing rods until you have enough titanium to make an RF fishing rod. It costs 2 titanium rods and a titanium battery, but you'll never need another rod as it never breaks. Only needs to be recharged. Don't ever make a titanium rod to fish with, it's a waste of titanium.

    The two resources you are going to need the most of is natural gas and quicklime.

    I use a snorkel to scout the shallow coastline around land masses, looking for a gas leak on the sea floor. I carry an air pump, a manual turbine to power it with, and plenty of Thermal Expansion portable tanks. I carry between 6-8 of the 32 bucket tanks because that is usually sufficient to completely harvest a gas pocket in one shot.

    For the scuba gear you'll need 34,000 mb of gas for 17 units of neoprene, 150,000 mb of gas for 5 units of hard plastic (4 for the flippers, 1 to soak in molten glass to make the transparent plastic for the mask lenses).

    When you have the scuba gear, resources are not going to be an issue going forward. You're going to have access to mineral deposits on the sea floor that many players simply won't be able to reach.

    Best to stop there with the advice. Maybe you have some follow up questions to some of this?
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  5. Wright

    Wright New Member

    Real good stuff there. On an off note, if anyone is up for the task, we need more contribution for the ftbwiki on mariculture. I started an industrial smelter article but that's all I've been up for. Have a feeling this mod will play some bigger roles in the future.

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  6. RuneImagiro

    RuneImagiro New Member

    I was on the ftbwiki last night, and googling around the youtubes for a while, but I ultimately realized that I actually have no idea what all of the mariculture upgrades do. Except the heating upgrade, that one's in my crucible furnace and working just fine.

    Do I put the purity upgrade in the incubator, or the fish pen (the one used to breed, can't think of the item name). Also, which upgrades do I want in my automatic fisher? I do have an RF fishing rod, but it certainly isn't catching anything rare or valuable. At least not with the minnow bait and the automatic fisher.

    Does the scuba gear need to be refilled or recharged once you start to use it? I haven't even started to go down that tech tree, as I'm nowhere near an ocean biome. Despite my sincerest attempts, I have yet to even find an oyster or kelp naturally spawning. Luckily, oysters are very easy to farm once you find one.
  7. joshie

    joshie New Member

    Purity upgrades make fish live longer in the fish feeder, they also increase the amount of metal you get from each ore in the crucible furnace. They also make the distance a fludd sprays it water increase in length. While the impurity do the opposite in all those machines. They also reduce how much liquid is used each time it drains the gas/water turbine. In a future update they will work in the incubator too, increasing the chance that each egg that is processed will hatch(currently that's what fertility is, I'm going to make fertility the actual number of eggs instead of that being based off of lifespan).

    Automatic fishers use, capacitor and hyperkinetic upgrades. With Capacitor increasing the amount of RF that can be stored, and hyperkinetic speeding them up. (The hyperkinetic do cause a greater power drain). The RF rod, doesn't have any unique loot to it's tier, like the other rods do, currently at least. I'm rejigging that loot around.

    And yes, the scuba tank only has a limited supply of oxygen, that will run out eventually, and you'd need to refill it.
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  8. RuneImagiro

    RuneImagiro New Member

    Oh, interesting! So, is the RF rod on the same tier as the titanium rod, at least? I would have expected it to have a higher return on rare fish that it has thus far. Perhaps I need to change biomes? Speaking of rare fish, is there an upgrade or a combination of upgrades that will promote/encourage fish to breed more rare types of fish?

    Lastly, what about the ethereal upgrade? I just built a bunch of those last night and put them in everything, just to see what would happen. The only thing I noticed for sure was that regular old minnows 'prefer fresh water' and would not breed when an ethereal upgrade was present.

    Really happy to learn about the increased metal from ore with purity upgrades. That Crucible's gettin the strongest purity upgrade I can muster when I get home tonight.
  9. joshie

    joshie New Member

    Yeah it's currently same tier as titanium, but i'm gonna bump it up to a higher tier. The tier of the rods don't affect chance of catching rarer fish, but just enable you to catch them. Same with loot, they just enable other loot, rather than making things more common. There isn't currently an upgrade to do such thing to improve breeding chance, but I plan to add a blood magic ritual to double mutation chance ;). Currently there are three types of salinity: fresh, salt and magic. Ethereal upgrade makes the water the magic type, but i also have plans to change salinity/use of the ethereal upgrade with fish breeding next version too :p.

    To sum up the rods, the tier pretty much just enables better loot, use of better bait and more durability. They don't improve ratio of good vs bad stuff. At least not in 1.6.4. (I think in my 1.7 version they do in fact make good loot more common :p) The better bait increases how fast you catch(manually), or the chance of catching something with the autofisher.
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  10. RuneImagiro

    RuneImagiro New Member

    I hate to beat a dead horse, but I'm currently attempting to harvest natural gas with an empty tank, air pump and manpowered turbine, but I can't get the tank to fill and don't know what I'm doing wrong. I see that the gas leak is a block on its own. Do I just put the air pump on top and the tank above that?

    Edit: I Figured it out. Put the air pump BENEATH the gas leas block, and then put the tank beneath that. However, now I'm running into the issue that I don't know how to activate this process reliably. It will work for one tank and then the next tank that I hook up will not work at all, even if it's on a brand new gas leak block. What am I doing wrong?
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  11. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    Don't worry @RuneImagiro, you aren't beating a dead horse, this horse is still alive, and likely will until we can kill it, and we must kill it exactly as you are doing, by learning.

    ...That said, @ThatOneSlowking sure as hell is beating a dead horse with all his "Meme replies to Thread Necromancy", which is my first issue with how he views necromancy, as a evil art with no merits at all. It's the Three Rs, man! You know the ones you were told as a kid, "Reduce Reuse Recycle!". Necromancy is the same thing, Three Rs! "Reduce Reuse Reanimate!". And reducing, duh, reduces waste! Reuse? Reduces Waste! Recycle/Reanimate? Reduces Waste!

    ...Though considering when he posts it, it's not really a dead horse. It's a fucking Dead Unicorn. And that's why it pisses me off.
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  12. ThatOneSlowking

    ThatOneSlowking New Member

    I dont view ot as an evil art, I just like REUSING the picture :3
    (And stating the obvious)
    Derail necros are a different story
  13. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    And yet, you only use it to beat a dead unicorn. You love to REUSE it to bead said dead unicorn, which goes against the whole reason we REUSE something, and that is to reduce waste, and you merely waste everyone's time and space on the internet. You also use it to waste the server bandwidth of host of that image. Popquiz! Who hosts said image? If it isn't a image hosting site(or yourself, ideally), you shouldn't be able to hotlink it for this very reason. Nothing you can do about that, I guess, except maybe rehost it to a image hosting site and get it from there when you need it.

    And you hate derail necros? You release any time you use that image you are derailing the thread, and you use it in "response to threads risen from the dead", thus you are the reason any necro'd thread you post in gets derailed?
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  14. RuneImagiro

    RuneImagiro New Member

    Here's a picture for you all. The gas leak block is at the top, producing bubbles, and is mostly covered by the empty tank overlay.

    Beneath, you will find an air pump, connected to the gas leak, and the portable tank beneath that. The air pump is being powered by my manual generator. So can anybody help me understand why this arrangement is not working? The worst part about this though, is that it works SOMETIMES. I just can't tell what the difference is. theproblemwithgasleaks.jpg
  15. YX33A

    YX33A New Member

    First off, weird question, but what's up with your hearts in those images. They look... mildly enchanted.
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  16. CompassRose

    CompassRose New Member

    That might actually be the column of bubbles that signifies a natural gas pocket BELOW the body of water you're in (judging by your mini-map. If that's the case you haven't hit the actual deposit.

    Your setup for harvest is sound. I have found that putting the tank on the side of the air pump doesn't work, but putting it on top of the air pump does. It looks like how you have it below also works as well.

    These deposits are deep underground in the caverns themselves, not in the water. If there is cascading water falling into the cavern, then it might be ruining the bulk of the gas deposit. Just food for thought.

    @joshie -- I think it's very cool you are taking an active interest in forum threads relating to your mod. +1
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  17. ThatOneSlowking

    ThatOneSlowking New Member

    Runic armor does that, it is just a graphics change AFAIK
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  18. joshie

    joshie New Member

    Yeah as CompassRose says, those bubbles are just an indication that there is a gas pocket below them. So dig down until you come in to an open space, where you will be affected by a couple of potion effects. That is where you want to setup the pumping. The thermal expansion tanks will only accept liquids from the top and bottom. So you can't place them on the side of an air pump, has to be above or below.
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  19. RuneImagiro

    RuneImagiro New Member

    My boots are enchanted, gifted to me by a friend who is at the endgame tier of thaumcraft. They are leather boots of the traveler. Faster movement speed, higher jumps and increased fall resistance, in addition to being enchanted with a protective shield which regenerates over time. The runic symbols are the protective shield.
  20. RuneImagiro

    RuneImagiro New Member

    @joshie The gas leak is an actual block, isn't it? When I look at the block it is identified that way. So, I should set up the pump right beneath that block, right? Or do I need to keep looking?

    It seems some of these gas leak blocks work just fine. Others are complete duds. gas leak.jpg

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