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Discussion in 'Third Party Maps' started by Loothias, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. mizmito

    mizmito New Member

    What I would love is a map where the monument is in the Nether. Your starting items are: an oak sapling, a dirt, a thaumic duplicator, the chest, and the obsidian the chest is on. There is no nether portal. There is a mini monument in the overworld with one challenge. The reward for said challenge is a redstone. There are no free resources in the nether.
  2. adib

    adib New Member

    could be interesting, but you need to specify more, like what rewards do you get early and such.
  3. mizmito

    mizmito New Member

    The overworld monument has one challenge and the reward is a redstone. That will allow them to go to the nether and complete the rest of the map. The rest of the rewards I don't really care about, that is more their decision than mine.
  4. adib

    adib New Member

    you should be able to goto the nether earlier, is that an flaw in the design or doesnt it matter?
  5. jordmanbob

    jordmanbob New Member

    I think the more you are out of the nether the better!!!!
  6. mizmito

    mizmito New Member

    You can turn the redstone into obsidian
  7. DarkJDL

    DarkJDL New Member

    How do you make monsters not spawn and break the monument?(Ghasts fireballs)
    Monsters do not spawn in the monument right now because it is placed in a Mushroom Island Biome. That is the reason Creepers don't destroy it. (that and the restriction torches)

    but in the Nether, Ghasts could and would spawn. and could potentially break the inside of the monument. (lights, redstone, transposers)
    Maybe with the modular force fields, but who's to say that the ghast wouldn't spawn "inside" ?
  8. adib

    adib New Member

    security system, it pretty much insta kills monsters if they come inside.
  9. mizmito

    mizmito New Member

    You could also put in the anti-mods module thing into the force field
  10. Loothias

    Loothias New Member

    can anyone think of some mods that could be used to start off the map? I think some variation would be cool.
  11. DarkJDL

    DarkJDL New Member

    now that's constructive! something I totally forgot lol. I appreciate your cooperation in showing me wrong and making things more fun!
  12. mizmito

    mizmito New Member

    it would be cool if you had infi tools, they could give you sand and cactus instead of saplings and dirt
  13. mizmito

    mizmito New Member

    no problem, I had considered making my own version of the ftb map, but decided I already had enough to do...
    I just realized how bad this sounds... I would have given it to the ftb team of coarse!
  14. zaprockfalcon

    zaprockfalcon New Member

    Here's an idea for a map. The goal for the map is to get all obtainable items in the modpack, except microblocks, facades, bees, items that have WAY too many variations. The only pre-made structure would be the monument, where you would put the items. There would be a room for every mod. To add on the challenge, you can't simply make the item. You have to utilize every mod in some significant way, such as making an forestry plant farm, or an MFR mob grinder. I would love to see a map based on this idea!
  15. iBiohazard

    iBiohazard Guest

    Map Ideas? I'm not sure I fully grasp what you're asking for here, and i'm sorry if the answer i'm about to give you has already ben stated/done, but It's just an idea for a 'map' that's been on my mind for a while, With that being said, here goes!

    I think there should be an Modded Minecraft survival Island. Where you have a quest book with multiple quests to guide you through to 'end game'. It would be unique if there was another mod that would alter the world generation to spawn one single island, with Ocean on either side for..... 30k? blocks, and beyond that, normal land. This will make it extremely difficult to swim to land to gather resources, basicly forcing you to do as the modpack would intend, survive, on the island... However; there would be ANOTHER mod, that adds a 'special' boat system, that when you build a large shit, a sail boat of sorts, something that could take hours and hours to build, then it would then allow you to use said shit to quickly navigate to and from your island, but this boat would have to be made an near end game type of item, so that people can just join the pack, kill a few sheep, cut some wood, build a boat, and sail away, instead, the mod would add a block to the game that acts as the 'engine' (if you will) for the sail boat. (Engine, on a sail boat, *Facepalm* For lack of a better explination, it will have to do for now). Said block would be very hard to craft, and take multiple extremely hard items to craft, thus making it near end game.

    From the sound of it, this type of mod pack would atleast need 2 new mods, the world generation mod, and the sail boat block mod.

    Also to clear things up, when i said "Sail boat block", I didnt mean, it's just one block you place, then a boat appears, you'd actually habe to build the boat, and not something like a 5x5 little wimpy boat, i mean a massive like 20x100 boat will full sails, something that would look like an actual pirate ship..

    Sorry if my post is all over the place, and if I rambled a lot... I hope this is kind of what you were looking for, I personally would enjoy a FTB Survival island, speaking of that, does anyone have any links to a FTB friendly survival Island, or a seed to one?
  16. goreae

    goreae Ultimate Murderous Fiend

    Firstly, the survival island generation mod has been around for a long long time, and actually comes with several interesting flavors like jungle island or volcanic island. It actually makes the ocean infinite. You can also make an ocean world with biomes o plenty. It has an ocean control feature in the configs that allow everything from entirely eradicating oceans to making the entire world minus a few biomes worth an ocean. However, there's not any as far as I know that have a mainland available.

    The boat could be done with archimede's ships, just make the actual ship block really expensive. Then in order to make it not unbearably slow, the player has to make a large enough ship or whatever. Though forcing the player to build a large and complex aesthetic build for the end bit would probably be bad. There's a ton of people who don't do pretty builds who just want a little dinghy to sail off into the sunset on. Why not let them? I mean they already went through all the trouble of making the controller, why not let them use a dinghy?

    As for modded survival islands, there's this one I played that came out around the same time as agrarian skies IIRC.

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