Mana Spreader/Pool

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New Member
Jul 26, 2020
I am new to doing mods in Minecraft. A friend has set up a server for FTB Academy which we have been enjoying and learning. I am stuck with botania as I have sources for mana, a spreader and connected it to a mana pool. The issue is the mana pool does not seem to be filling up. Is there anyone that has any tips or could possibly just show me what i may be doing wrong? thanks for the help!


New Member
Jul 27, 2020
try breaking everything and replacing it in this order Mana pool, Mana Spreader, Mana Source. if that does not fix it you can try using the wand of the forest to double check everything (you might have to link you flowers to the spreader) but i dont really know what else to tell you man. Good luck though :)