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Whitelist Server Malignance - DW20 1.0.14 [Hard difficulty] [whitelisted] [Mature]

Discussion in 'Direwolf 20' started by Khadryn, Feb 1, 2014.

  1. Khadryn

    Khadryn New Member

    Axeldavenport & Mauwer you both have been added to the whitelist.

    Thank you for your interest and welcome to Malignance server! I will PM (conversation) you both the Teamspeak information if you wish to use it.
  2. Dijego

    Dijego New Member

    GN : Dijego
    Age : 23
    About Yourself: I am Dijego, I am a student and I occasionally like to play minecraft. I have not tried the Direwolf20 pack yet, but my friend Mauwer says it is cool. So I'm going to give it a try.
    Minecraft Expertise: Played a lot of tech mods and even did some beta testing for industrial craft by coincidence. I especially like Computer Craft.
    Have you been banned before?: Yes, on a faction server where I was raiding the admin's base. He did not like that and picked the simplest solution for him.


  3. IntoxicatedPenguin

    IntoxicatedPenguin New Member

    Looks like a nice server, yet I cannot apply as I'm under the age of 18. How unfortunate. You do understand that there are mentally mature players under the age of 18, and mentally immature players above that age as well?
  4. Khadryn

    Khadryn New Member

    I am well aware that some young players can be more mature than some adults. But from my own experience, those that appear to handle themselves maturely at first are often immature in other ways. But I rather play along with people more less my age which is what it boils down to anyway.

    You have been added Dijego. Thank you for your interest and welcome to Malignance.
  5. Darksider69_2012

    Darksider69_2012 New Member

    IGN Darksider69_2012
    Age : 32
    About Yourself: i am a computer systems technician living in Hawaii. love to play various video games but mainly Minecraft
    Minecraft Expertise: 1.5 Years. have done both vanilla and FTB. love to do automation the best i can. aesthetics are very limited but love to learn.
    Have you been banned before?: No
    If so why?:N/A
  6. IntoxicatedPenguin

    IntoxicatedPenguin New Member

    Fair enough, your choice either way.
  7. Downzorz

    Downzorz New Member

    IGN: Smacksophone
    Age: 18
    About Yourself: I am a college student in the Midwest. I've always had a creative flair and love gaming.
    Minecraft Expertise: Played since 1.2.5, lapsed for about a year, trying to get back into it.
    Have you been banned before?: Nope.
  8. Khadryn

    Khadryn New Member

    Darksider69_2012 & Smacksophone You both have been added, and welcome to Malignance!
  9. Darksider69_2012

    Darksider69_2012 New Member

    khadryn, can you double check my whitelist? saying my account is currently not whitelisted.
  10. Khadryn

    Khadryn New Member

    Sorry about that Dark, I accidentally left off the first letter. It should be corrected now, please try logging on when you have a chance.
  11. MissRaptor

    MissRaptor New Member

    IGN : Ostrommaysi
    Age : 31
    About Yourself: Casual gamer, used to be a pretty hardcore admin on a modded minecraft server prior. I'm into all things gaming related, reptiles, furry etc. Pretty laid back and looking for a place that I can come to when I have spare time from work to play some minecraft.
    Minecraft Expertise: Been around since beta, been playing modded minecraft since thaumcraft 2's release. I've been an admin on modded minecraft servers and have knowledge in creating modpacks of my own.
    Have you been banned before?: No and in all fairness never will be for legit reasons.
    If so why?: N/A
  12. Khadryn

    Khadryn New Member

    Welcome Ostrommaysi, I have added you to the whitelist and you should be able to connect when ever you are ready.

    I am going to put a pause on adding any additional people to the whitelist at this time. I will give it a week and see who still remains to be the core group. If I feel there is room to add more I will update this post.
  13. Dijego

    Dijego New Member

    Very nice server so far, no lag, friendly people and the admin is monitoring the server well.
  14. Khadryn

    Khadryn New Member

    I have taken the server offline at 02/04/14 - 03:22 AM (Central Standard Time) for maintenance. Should be back up within the hour.
  15. David Hassall

    David Hassall New Member

    IGN : B1G_D_
    Age :17
    About Yourself:Although you said 18+ i have applied for a different server and got in thats 18+ because im a mature player always looking to help someone out.
    Minecraft Expertise: I have played modded minecraft for over a year and vanilla for about 6 months previous to that.
    Have you been banned before? nope :)
  16. CopeyJ

    CopeyJ New Member

    IGN : copeyj
    Age : 18
    About Yourself: I've recently started playing minecraft again after a 6 month break. I've been playing Direwolf20 for the last few days in ssp but I'm now looking for a nice tight knit server to make my permanent home!
    Minecraft Expertise: I've been playing minecraft since Beta 1.3. I enjoy doing everything in minecraft, and love learning about new mods.
    Have you been banned before?: Nope
    If so why?:
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2014
  17. Toxic_Runts

    Toxic_Runts New Member

    Application 1:
    : Toxic_Runts
    Age : 18
    About Yourself: On my last year of highschool, got nothing better to do but play some minecraft
    Minecraft Expertise: Know my way around mods, but rather go for looks then making it technical
    Have you been banned before?: No
    If so why?:

    Application 2:
    IGN : BigOlLankyD
    Age : 19
    About Yourself: Living on my own know working full time, just looking to play on a server with my buddys
    Minecraft Expertise: Been playing minecraft since beta, I still do know how to use the mods vaguely enough to get the job done
    Have you been banned before?: Yes
    If so why?: someone started to talk shit so I sent it right back

    My Buddy asked me to put his app with mine
  18. Jack0928PC

    Jack0928PC New Member

    IGN : iamjackproskater
    Age : 18
    About Yourself: I live in California and am finishing off my last year in High School. Im very athletic, practice Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Nogi as well as surfing and skateboarding. I am very active on minecraft, usually clocking 4-6 hours daily and on saturdays and sundays 6-10 hours.
    Minecraft Expertise: Over the past 4 years that I have played minecraft I have dabbled in most areas of the game. I prefer a more technical standpoint, I enjoy automating systems and getting very technical with my builds. I also am very interested in creating larger builds (time consuming) and often find myself in a creative world for hours on end. Found Feed the Beast a year and a half ago, Been hooked ever since.
    Have you been banned before?: I have never been banned.
    If so why?:
  19. Featherblade

    Featherblade New Member

    IGN : Featherblade
    Age : 19
    About Yourself: I'm a Computer Science undergradutate living in NZ, with a love for birds, space exploration and science in general. I haven't much free time, but I'd like to relax and have some fun on server with my friend Narolas, who is already whitelisted.
    Minecraft Expertise: I've played MC since March 2010, with my greatest building expertise in curved surfaces and organic archiecture and design (Think ships, statues, plants, anything off-axis). I'm a founding administrator of the VoxelBox community. I've a deep understanding of vanilla redstone and circuitry, with a focus on instant logic and systems-wide spactial compression.
    Have you been banned before?: Only jokingly.
    If so why?: Sometimes humour involves the hammer - I've never been seriously banned before, however.
  20. mverwey

    mverwey New Member

    IGN : mverwey
    Age :21
    About Yourself: Full-time Forensic Science student from Australia. Minecraft works as a nice medium to balance this out.
    Minecraft Expertise: Been playing for ~3 years
    Have you been banned before?: Nope.
    If so why?:

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