Making Uber tool with Dartcraft & MFR & IC2

Discussion in 'Mod Discussion' started by sks0315, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. sks0315

    sks0315 Active Member

    I'm on mobile, so no pictures(sorry)

    First, make basic dartcraft setup(force infuser, some power, tier 4 tome. Google dartcraft and you can look up the forum thread)
    Then make mining drills(not diamond ones, you can use them but it will pop the diamond out)
    Upgrade them in infuser with force nugget, and you will get force drills
    You now need some bottle o' enchantings. What? In NEI, you will see the recipe that uses bee stuffs.
    But bees are slow, so how do we get bottle o' enchantings?
    Now it is time for MFR.
    Make an auto-enchanter(2 diamonds, obsidian, some plastic, books, and machine frame)
    It can enchant things with monster essence that can be obtained by MFR grinder.
    But their is a faster way to make monster essence. Make an XP extractor. It will use 1 level from you and fill a bucket with mob essence.(you need to have empty bucket in your inventory)
    Click auto enchanter with that mob essence bucket and provide a empty bottle and some power.
    Now you will get bottle o' enchanting.
    Infuse a book with that bottle. Now you will get exp tome. It is useful as it is. Shift right click to store 10 exp, and right click to take out 10 exp.
    Fill it with exp(quite a lot) and forcer rod it to make upgrade core.
    Upgrade upgrade core with speed5(sugar), luck4(fortune, make fortune cookies and eat them). You got uber fortune pick&shovel
    Speed5 and silk touch(cobweb, dart added recipe for it) gives uber silk touch pick&shovel
    Speed5, grind(flint), auto smelt(coal) gives uber grinder(portable pulverizer+furnace)
    BTW, speed5 makes them to instant-mine ore blocks(breaks dirt instantly in water...) So be careful(or make 4 or 3)

    It is not over!

    Make chainsaw and upgrade with force nugget.
    Sharpness5(claw, bats drop it), luck4, bleed4 or fire 4(coal) to make uber sword(they can even block.. wow)
    Speed5, lumberjack(force log) to make uber chopper(break bottom block and all logs above it will break with cool sound)

    If you didn't know, you shift right click to open gui forinstalling cores.

    In addition to this, dartcraft is very cool mod, so check it out!
  2. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha Never Leaves Wiki Staff ModMyMC Editor

    yea, a reason why I kind of dislike dartcraft... it seems very unbalanced for what it does to me.
    for example, first time I played with dartcraft in 1.5.2 I kill the first mob and it drops a spoils bag, with a portalgun...
    I kill a few more mobs, get a second spoils bag, nether star...

    I am not against the things that dartcraft adds, but in my opinion it's all just too cheap to make.
  3. egor66

    egor66 Well-Known Member

    ep same reason I dont us it atm, needs a hell of a lot of balancing before it could be added to a pack really, the loot bags alone are way to OP & way to easy to get with mfr or turtles, the engines needs tweeking too, the tools & armour can be over enchanted meh, but thats way to boring to get to that lvl, in short its a fun mod but needs a new perspective if going to work with other mods.
  4. sks0315

    sks0315 Active Member

    It is op, but dart can make the items hard to obtain or increase energy that force infuser needs(but sharpness is too op. You can make sharpness 10 from killing 5 bats)

    BTY, these uber tools use like 250eu per block. So not totally op(upgrades makes tools use more duability/energy)

    You got portalgun from spoil bag! Consider you damn lucky
    I made soul shard and went enderman hunting and got inventory ful of spoils bags
    I now have more-than-enough force mitts and crowbars...
  5. Revemohl

    Revemohl Well-Known Member

    Or you can go to your local library enchanting table, enchant a random book with whatever and force transmute it. You will get a few enchanting bottles.
    Why make a drill though, if a pick with 3 pieces with obsidian will last almost forever? And if you add a TC magic shard, it will really last forever? And even if you don't add anything, if will still take no time at all to make a new one?
    I have the mod in my own pack, found hundreds of those bags and and the best things I've found so far were those instant kill frames. Blame your luck for breaking things apart.
    And hey, DC is a mod about having fun and balancing things in its own way. That's why I love it, no need to Greg everything up.
  6. sks0315

    sks0315 Active Member

    Thanks for tip getting enchanting bottles!
    I thought force pick can't mine obsidian but drill one can? Not sure though.
    And you can only infuse 8 item max(level7 tome) per a tool. So you can't have speed5 and fortune4 pick. Also it is easy to destroy core and replace with something else
  7. Yusunoha

    Yusunoha Never Leaves Wiki Staff ModMyMC Editor

    I am not saying it should become as difficult as Gregtech, but I am saying it's all just too cheap for what it does...
  8. sks0315

    sks0315 Active Member

    I'm not talking about how op dartcraft is...
    It is about making uber tools with this awesome mod.

    Also if you think dartcraft is too easy, you have config for making it greg-hard(intergrates gregtech recipes) or diabling certain recipes

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