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    try to make a sentence with no ,,.,?. If it end with any of the three, your sentences is done
    Kavin is fast,strong and large
    <line1> Kavin is fast,<line2> strong and large
    line 1 is valid and line2 is not valid

    PLAYER1:1 Born in Malaysia,
    PLAYER2:2 Minecraft Steve killed on the road

    Player3:3 and reincarnated in a world where everything is a square
    PLAYER2:4 where the earth is the center of the universe.
    <after 10 player>
    11th poster<any player>:<rewrite or copy paste 1-10> 1<new sentence>

    If you want to ask any question make sure your word is in Italic.

    1 After a brutal fight in school,
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    2 King Guacamole rode his majestic

    Wait, you just used a comma. I thought we weren’t supposed to do that, or can the first post do that?
  3. Harrysdog

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    3 ordered its royal guards to stop the aftermath
    you can use the comma but anything after that is registered as invalid
    example Totokumaru is brave,-strong and fast-

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