Looking to Start a stream team!!!!

Discussion in 'Streamers' started by LuckyL3p7o, May 30, 2014.

  1. LuckyL3p7o

    LuckyL3p7o New Member

    Playing Direwolf20 .. Hoping to find 2 or 3 more active players looking to get involved in a dw20 server and stream. must be 18+ please send me a message for details. Please give me your details and amount of game time you would be ableto invest, your age, and just a little general information about yourselves.. stream history, little minecraft or gaming history etc .. look forward to hearing from you all
  2. Wildlily

    Wildlily New Member

    Can't wait to get this started up! DW20 is super fun now that I've debugged my computer enough to play it!
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