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Discussion in 'Youtubers' started by Ogreboy, Aug 21, 2015.

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    Hello there,

    My name is Ogreboy and I am 25. I created this topic to search for few youtubers that would like to create some co-op Youtube LP series of some HQM modpacks with me. After a few months break from Modded Minecraft I have decided to play again. This is my channel:
    Feel free to ask anything here in this topic or just add me on skype: darkogre1

    So here are your requirements:
    • 20+ years old
    • 1000+ subs
    • have Skype/TS3 or curse voice
    • friendly and patient person
    • is active youtuber (records at least 3-4 videos per week)
    • speaks English

    Here is how you should reply on this topic if you are willing to co-op:

    • Nickname / MC username:
    • Age:
    • Country:
    • Skype name:
    • Youtube channel:
    • I prefer to play modpacks:
    • Available hours during day: (example. after 21-24h Mon-Fri, 18-24h Sun-Sat)
    • Can create server Yes/No.
    Don't write application if you don't have strong will to play!

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