Looking for someone to play Compact Claustrophobia with.


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Aug 22, 2020
New York
As the title implies I will be looking to do a complete play through of the modpack Comapct Claustrophobia.

- My timezone is EST (GMT-5). The most common cause of group falling apart is due to vastly different time zones.
- I would like someone with a microphone so that we are able to communicate while playing through the modpack.
- I my self am a completionist, meaning i would like to start from no quests done to eventually 100% quest books completion or very close to that like 95%+. I just hope you don't quit on me mid way.
- I would prefer someone who is 18+. It's more so to do with able to handle/understand certain jokes which younger folks are unable to understand and so on. I my self am 24yo.

If you are interested in playing you may send me a DM on my discord PrinceCuddles#1337.
I have a server setup and ready to do just waiting for someone to play with. I have dabbled a little into this modpack just to learn what mods are in the pack and then thought it would be more fun with more then just one person to play with.


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Aug 29, 2014
Post is a year old, so it's most likely not a valid request for that play through.