Looking for some Modders for Mariculture.



I know this is such a longshot but I really would hope some would step up for this. Ill be honest right off the bat i know absolutely zero about modding. Would like to try and maybe put a team together that does and get Mariculture revived and updated to 1.12+. The owner has already given permission in the minecraft forums for people to take this on. Mariculture is such a great mod for to many reasons to name. Its adds so much more to the ocean mainly. We do not have any mods like this to make the ocean more interesting, I just think its a complete shame to see this mod die.
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Jul 29, 2019
Heyo folk. If you know zero about modding, you better be sure you know Java. Least basic tutorial series from NewBoston before sinking into modded Minecraft, because there are quite few requirements, but most important is, that you need to understand code before you wanna mess with it.
So, i would be willing to help you, though im starting all around by my own, but if you dont know how certain thingies works, rather dont do it, please. Also, just revive is not enough.
Oftenly you need to give players some new features, that would take'em back to that "old, dusty mod", that it actually quite is :-D