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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Phill Adams, May 2, 2014.

  1. Phill Adams

    Phill Adams New Member

    I'm looking of a small server to play FTB monster on. I just wanna kick back and play around with the modpack with some players. If you have access or think you can set up a non-professional server let me know. Skype me at killphill66
  2. MrFaux

    MrFaux New Member

    sounds like a good idea
  3. Wildlily

    Wildlily New Member

    I cannot create a server but I would like to participate.
  4. FrostyJacks

    FrostyJacks New Member

    Hi, new to these forums but saw your post and thought I should reply. Currently setting up a monster server, its pretty much ready I'm just setting up some basic permissions and stuff. Would be nice to test the waters with a few relaxed mature players. I've not run a server with this many mods before, I'm sure a lot can break so want to keep it low key atm.

    PM your in-game name if your up for trying it out (only room for a few players to begin with, so first come first serve).

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