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Discussion in 'Mod Development' started by Foxdemon, May 24, 2017.


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  1. Foxdemon

    Foxdemon New Member

    I'm looking for a modder with experience, who can help me create this mod (and/or maybe teach me modding). The reason i want to build this mod is because in my opinion minecraft still lacks a solid mod that is about genes (one that isnt't tedious or without depth).

    The mod will be a mixture of these elements:

    -Blocks containing animated textures, with opaque parts and visual feedback

    -A vat like in thaumcraft horizons, but less buggy and with a different concept

    -Complex gene system that works for plants and animals alike (if it gets too complex i might drop one of the two)

    -Worldgen structures with rare fossils and/or pieces of meat that you can extract the rarer genes from

    -Complex splicing system that involves animals with different models and a lot of abilities

    -Worldgen of super-rare flowers/crystals which arent mandatory to progress, but give a sense of 'ohhhh shiiiiit' (a bit like the flowers for the hexxit armor in the old hexxit modpack)

    -(Optionally tierbased) Progress system that makes the mod usable in every stage of the game (early to lategame)

    -Solid buildup that isn't tedious and/or isn't quirky to deal with. (yes i'm looking at you industrialcraft and forestry)

    -The feel that you are a real (crazy) researcher/scientist and not an 'I-need-that-resource-so-I-wiII-need-that bee/tree/plant/cow'-researcher

    The mod will be based on inspiration from these mods (but more solid):

    -Thaumcraft horizons
    -Mad science
    -Forestry (bees)
    -Fossils and archeology
    -Witchery (love how solid this mod is in both automation, progression and intuition)
    -[insert forgotten genemods here]

    I know this is a lot to ask for, but i am willing to put a lot of work in it and maybe even setup a donation system if that should get you convinced. I have experience in programming C, but not much in java. I hope someone reads this and shares the same opinion as me, so we can maybe work together sometime in the future.

    Im always in for a talk on teamspeak/discord and don't be afraid to ask/request

    EDIT: I'm probably going to teach myself to mod anyway, but i still really would like someone to team up with for programming and brainstorm about this.
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  2. NoxInc

    NoxInc Guest

    Just dropping my 2ct:

    With depth comes complexity which increases the level of tedium.
    In general genetics(in the real world) is not easy and finding a layer of abstraction (for the mod) requires that at least one person on the team (you as "mod-designer" and/or the coder) has to understand at least the basics.
    Looking at existing genetics mods (foresty, extra bees, ...) you will find that most of them stick to the very basics of genetics:
    • Seeing an entity as a mere collection of traits
    • Be(e)ing (hehe) able to replace traits
    • Applying Mendelian inheritance (like dominant and recessive traits)
    It is a concept that is still very basic but only a few people really enjoy doing that kind of stuff.
    I'm not sure what the average age of a Direwolf20 watcher is but he said several times that going into bees is something his viewers don't really like.

    So you basically have a problem of simplicity vs. depth.

    One way to fix this is to simplify the process of how genetics should work in you mod and add a progression system in which would increase the level of depth but yet keeping it simple (Think of Thermal Expansions machine tiers for example, the concept is simple but the mod has quite some depth due to its upgrade system and the functionality those upgrades provide).

    One more thing I'd like to mention is the difficulty for the/some coder.
    I mentioned above that the level of abstraction has to be very high; the reason behind this statement is that you cannot hard code all possible combinations of traits. So the system that should handle how the "end product" should work is quite complex in its own. Of course for some coders it is rather trivial but for new coders this is a real challenge.
    To sum this point of concern up: You need an experienced java coder (which are somewhat hard to come by since most experienced java coders in this community are already working on at least one project).

    By no means I want to crush your dreams, I just want to show you the problems/obstacles your facing.
    It might be easier (and faster) to learn java and by either code the mod on your own or get others to join you.
    Java is really beginners friendly and there are lots of great tutorials. The next thing would be to learn how forge works and what is offers. Many great mods are open source so you can simply look how others did stuff and learn from it.

    I hope you will make/design a great mod (because I really love those kind of mods) and hopefully this short list of tips/obstacles will make your journey easier.

    - BaronNox aka NoxInc
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  3. Foxdemon

    Foxdemon New Member

    Thank you for your feedback Nox, i know this involves a high complexity codewise, but that's the reason i want some help from an experienced coder. I wanted to keep the genesystem very simple, but with a whole lot of content (i mistakenly called it complex). The 'tedious' part i found about the bees were that every single process was slow (the gendustry and genetics mods). I always found it very logical that the bees produce stuff slowly, but the part i always thought the bees were lacking: Good looking blocks and effects, worldgen with a variety of content and also cool effect and abilities that arent your standard minecraft potioneffect (like almost all mods already contain). I wanted the mod to lean more towards thaumic horizons and less to the bees part in that way.

    Also, im kind off a top-to-bottom thinker. I always want to start at the top. Maybe it would be smarter to make some simple stuff first to build some experience, but im really determined to make this a success. Due to lack of time i can't really do this alone if i want this mod to ever be playable, thats why i put this message here. I would do it alone if this was a simple project, but this is rather ambitious and i hoped to find someone who would really want to work on this and with me.

    I will try to work solo on it, but given what i have in mind i almost certainly need some help.
  4. ScM_5argan

    ScM_5argan Guest

    This sounds like a really interesting mod.
    I haven't found the time yet to actually get into minecraft modding, but have wanted to for a while.
    Since I already have coding experience, that shouldn't be too bad, but I have yet to actually start learning to mod.
    This seems like something that might be interesting to work on when I have started getting into that stuff, so I'll keep this in the back of my mind for then :)

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