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    Recently I've found myself only being interested in HQM mod packs. Preferably ones where once you complete a quest you get some form of reward. I've just come across Tolkien Craft 2 so going to see how that goes and i have also played Project Ozone 2 but i want to know if there are any good HQM mod packs out there? Ideally one that will run on a laptop with 4GB RAM :)

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    It very much depends on what kind of experience you're after, and what you define as good. There is a LOT to do in Project Ozone 2, but for some people its tedious grind. Packs like Regrowth, Obscurity and Material Energy 4 are all HQM packs that are very thematic - while there isn't as much to do as in something like PO2, they have a very consistent feel to them. I'd give some a go and see what grabs you! If you can run PO2 on your laptop, the rest shouldn't be a problem ;) Alas I can't even do that on mine...
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    I'll second Obscurity. That was a very well done HQM. Made you think a little outside of the box as well due to the limited mod set.
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    Thanks guys. When I've played PO2 it ran a little poorly on curse launcher however i found it on the technic launcher and it ran so much better so not sure what the difference was with that. In terms of experience I don't really mind as i really want to have a go with a lot of the mods out there so i get a better understanding of them :)
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    If you want a large quest amount, do hypovolemia or project ozone 2(both FTB).
    If you want unique concepts, agrarian skies 1&2, the ferret business, aftermath, and blast off
    Magic would be magic farm 3, hypovolemia, minescape, and mage quest.
    Tech would be impact flux, material energy 1-4(I think), skyblockcity(I think), evolving tech(nology), and space astronomy. Hope it helps.

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