Looking for group for Attack of B-Team. [Applications OPEN] 18+

Discussion in 'Youtubers' started by Ogreboy, Jul 10, 2014.

  1. Ogreboy

    Ogreboy New Member

    Hey there fellow youtubers!
    I am 24 and I have channel with 240+ subs. I am wanting to record full series with a group of guys that will play on server and they will record too for their channels. In this way we can promote our channels and raise number of subscribers and viewers. I am looking for friendly guys like myself that will co-op together.
    Note: Some of us have to run server (hamachi), or if anyone has already dedicated server we can use.
    Write application in reply in this form:
    Skype (optional):
    YT channel:
    Can host server on hamachi: YES / NO
    Has server: YES / NO
  2. RealSketch

    RealSketch New Member

    Wouldn't it be a good idea to post on the Technic forum?...Seeing as they created AOTB.
  3. Ogreboy

    Ogreboy New Member

    That's awesome idea.
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  4. Peanut

    Peanut New Member

    Ill do it Im starting Youtube now too im pretty young but im good at minecraft just one question how will i record and what do I record with is there a program i can download that wont cost a gazzilion dollars
  5. Zoom Zee

    Zoom Zee New Member

  6. ThermionicBlaze

    ThermionicBlaze New Member

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  7. EagleSausage

    EagleSausage New Member

    IGN: ItsYasin
    Skype: thebirdgameryasin
    Age: 15
    YT Channel: i dont have one yet i first need a good channel name :s

    Can host server on hamachi: Yes i could but 1 i dont have very good internet ( 4 down, 0.80 up ) and you can only start hamachi when your pc is on so when i need to close hamachi will close so how will that work..
    Has server: No

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