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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Sakier, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. Sakier

    Sakier New Member


    Hello, I am LT. Sa'kier. I have been playing FTB Infinity since I purchased Minecraft. I am sorry to say I have never actually played vanilla Minecraft. I have spent hundreds of hours (since Feb. 2015 when I have purchased the game.) and spent thousands of dollars on previous servers in terms of donations, server upgrade, and from that I've had..

    Server Shutdown - Due to no activity. I was the only one.

    Server Owner disappear, server eventually shutdown.

    Griefed. and somehow lost entire armor set and entire inventory, owner does nothing.

    no staff for days/weeks

    So I have come to this conclusion. I need to just Buy a server (Dedicated of Course), and hire* some experienced* admin/co-owner(equal parts)/partner* that will assist me with this. One who will stay* on-board with the server, and provide admin and staff. I do not know much about the back end config and setup of minecraft ftb infinity servers. I do know the mod pretty well, and have a plan of what I want.

    I am willing to compensate ($USD, unless unlawful) for work done in terms of setting up the server and configuring. I am not pushing for this today or tomorrow, I will spend a few days talking to folks, But this month I would like to name a Co-Owner and some staff. If you are able to put some money down for server, and cost that is cool, if not don't worry. I'm not here to make money to live off like other people. No Offense to those who use Mojangs software to capitalize.

    Donation will be accepted. Votes on various websites will be appreciated. However.... there will be NO* advertisement of such things. There will be NO* in-game rewards/items for donations. For voting, sure.. seems fine. I will NOT* ask for people to vote, they can do so on their own if they feel the server deserves it. Links will NOT* be on a timer ingame, or pop up on a website for voting or donations. 100% of money donated will be publicly displayed on the website for all to see. To see WHO donated and WHERE that money went.

    I want to create a stable server, for those who want a good server without all the extra stores, shops, public portals, etc. If the general public WANTS* that stuff it can be implemented, but there's no reason someone should start off with a Staff of Power (Draconic Evolution ) or Angel Wings, 5 min after joining. defeats all the fun.

    Contact will be made via this forum. I will check for replies.. Thanks

    Thanks for taking the time. If you are unable to fulfill these requirements, but know someone , please refer them.

    To all others. let me input some prerequisites:
    Activity: Needs to be daily
    Reach ability + Responce: Sameday
    Age: 18+
    Commitment: Minimum 6mo.
    Funding: Not Required. I will be funding everything, regardless anything helps.
    References: Would be useful

    For basic comments, or reply feel free to use this form, otherwise if you wish send me a PM with information regarding why I should choose you.

    Sorry if this seems strict, but as I do work for a living and am willing to invest money into a server and staff, I need to be sure of my decisions.
  2. pizzawolf14

    pizzawolf14 New Member

    I'd do it, but not even people who live next to me can count on me being reachable within the day. I should probably rethink my schedule...

    Good luck, welcome to the forums!
  3. Charlie J. Whitford

    Charlie J. Whitford New Member

    I am one of the oldest players that Mojang has, however I know very little about the front end of the system. I do know my way around the day to day ops of any of the programs, and will be glad to assist in Moderator duties after you are able to get the system up. I am very reliable, except for Dr. appointments, I am on sometimes as much as 20 hours a day. Please keep me informed as to the progress of your system. BTW, I am over 18, check my list.
  4. ScottulusMaximus

    ScottulusMaximus New Member

    I'll help if I can, send me a message
  5. dragon_fang101

    dragon_fang101 New Member

    I think I could fit some time in. for free. I don't greif, because I got my server greifed before by this one guy.
  6. EconBrony

    EconBrony New Member

    Sounds like you just haven't found the right community yet. Take a look at Aura Fury. We are a 18+, grieve free community with 3 different servers. Chrome Prophecies is the mod pack we use that is similar to Infinity.

    Some things about us: We've been around for two years, two of our three servers are literally owned by Aura Fury and the third is paid well out in advance. There are no worries about funding. Our second admin is a cloud computing engineer so he runs the back end of our servers (you can see the difference in the performance of our servers :) ). We do community events from time to time (completely optional) like community builds, mage battles, villages, and group mining.

    Our website is at www.aurafury.com.

    Let me know if you have any questions or are interested. If you can't be convinced to give another community a try, let me know and I can assist you in starting yours. I actually did a graduate level project on running communities/servers in Minecraft for my MBA (I like to think I know a thing or two lol)
  7. dragon_fang101

    dragon_fang101 New Member

    never mind.
  8. Sakier

    Sakier New Member

    Ok, well a lot has transpired and I actually have a dedicated (2nd) isp in my home connected to a HP Proliant server,. Outfitted with dual quad core w/ HT and 48gb or ram, 8 15k 300gb in raid 10+1, etc etc.

    Now obviously this cost me some money net and have spent great time setting up. I'm still looking for someone to work with, admin or co-something . I'm still willing to pay for se vices. But would prefer someone who doesn't in it as a I.

    Please feel free to reply or I'm me. Thanks
  9. getrex

    getrex Guest

    Hello dude..your post is to old but do you still making a server? I can help you in every thing you need and what kind of server you want. I formerly owned two minecraft server last year 2016 until i decided to shutdown it for financial problem.Well if you need help for your plan server, pm me...its for free dude.

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