Request Looking For Builder For A FTB Monster Server Spawn!

Discussion in 'Third Party Maps' started by DEVGRU, Dec 13, 2014.


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    Hello! I'm looking for some builders to make a spawn for my server, Royal Legende. The server is running FTB monster. I would like the spawn to be of decent size, fit in with the FTB lore (So for FTB blocks to be involved in the build to add to the overall design) It would need to have a space for shops, rules, help, banned items, and a few tutorial stuff for FTB. I would like the spawn to have a royal touch to it, as the name states "Royal Legende"

    Also, anyone who contributes to the spawn in a noticeable way will be given builder equivalent rank,


    DEVGRU New Member

    No responses yet, Might be willing to pay a bit for the work!
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  3. Tejo22

    Tejo22 New Member

    Hmmm, not a great builder, but could definitely help :)
  4. MrKicker

    MrKicker New Member

    I'm working on my own project right now, but I'd reccomend you add a courthouse to your spawn.(You never know when you might need it.)
  5. mcmadness123

    mcmadness123 New Member

    if your still open ill be willing to help dont bother paying me :) if its whitelisted my ign is DaPorkyPig

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