Request Looking for base mate on FTB Infinity Evolved Server


New Member
Jul 29, 2019
I am looking for someone that A) Matches my play style and B) Matches my play time, to team up with and play Expert Infinity on a Server that I run and manage. We have about 25 people whitelisted.

Casual Play Style: Main focus is building a big awesome base! Than after base is built we can work on machines and such.
Hours of Play: 11:00PM CDT starting time; I work late so I need someone that plays later.
Other points worth mentioning: I don't like logging in to see tons of mew machines and such. If we do play together we build machines separately and come up with multiple setups. I also am not a huge magic fan. Kudos if you are but I LOVE tech! If you wanna help teach me magic mods I am game.

Hopefully I can find that perfect person that matches my play style!

Age: 33
Location: Austin, Texas