Looking for a mod like this for my boys



My boys have been playing Minecraft for years and seem to only enjoy the battling aspect. They come up with a mod idea. If something like it exists, please let me know.

World info: world is standard vanilla Minecraft (with a world limiting mod) except for the fact the mobs can see you from an infinite distance and don’t despawn when you are out of range.

Player: spawns into world wearing full iron armor, with a diamond sword and three ruby hearts in their hot bar.

The hearts represent the players life force.

While the hearts are in the players inventory it only take one hit from an enemy to kill the player so the player must quickly stash the hearts in the environment. (Think Voldemort’s horcruxes) Once the hearts are stashed player is invincible. . . As long as all the hearts remain safe!

Each players “heart” status is displayed on screen for all the players to see.

Every few minutes a new monster spawns near the player that has differing degrees of “world” destructive ability. (Think the wither only maybe not that bad). These monsters are after your hearts so they go around smashing trees and rocks and chests and sheep looking for your hearts. One of these mobs is a bloodhound from the nether that can sniff out your hearts. (The Nether is a bad place to try to stash your hearts!)

All the while, the other players in the server are trying to also find your hearts (while protecting their own) because the end goal is to be the last one to survive.

Once all your hearts are gone, you are once again mortal and can be killed just like in vanilla Minecraft.


Too Much Free Time
Nov 11, 2013
Sounds cool(if you are into that sort of thing). But I dont think what you propose is within the possibilities of the games mob AI. Nor the chunkloading mechanics of the game(nothing is processes outside of loaded chunks, so as long as you never load your hiding place you would be safe).

You might be able to do some sort of "Tower Defence" type mod. Where you have to protect a certain item/block from increasing numbers/difficulties of mobs spawning. The item could act as its own chunk loader. Only problem would be getting mobs to move towards it.
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