looking for a forever stranded: lost souls server

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by milkman, Feb 2, 2018.

  1. milkman

    milkman New Member

    Just looking for a chill minded group of people playing this pack. prefer 18+
  2. MimberyEarth

    MimberyEarth Guest

    I would love to.
  3. I am not into the said game so I'll pass. Good luck with your search.
  4. Liza Pendray

    Liza Pendray Guest

    I like to play always puzzle games in the free of time if you have any list of game then put it down....
  5. Akernator

    Akernator New Member

    How often would we play, I work, but have been thinking of hosting this pack on my server. Just needed some people to play with I figure it would need to be a whitelist server. Unless I could get sponge to work with the pack then I could open it up and give people the starting items plus the spawn item to set there spawn point.

    My name is David just in case you needed to know, I have been hosting servers for years now.
  6. milkman

    milkman New Member

    i only work 3 days a week so my gameplay time is little high then normal ppl
  7. Akernator

    Akernator New Member

    Thats ok, Im on usually every night after work. still looking for a few more guys then I want to try this pack on a server. I really this it could be fun with more people
  8. Hey, @milkman and @Akernator I really want to play this in server setting too, would like to have an shared base. I like big packs, but doing everything on my own on servers ruins the point for the server for me. please make this happen. IGN: dimasterkill
  9. JamBro

    JamBro Guest

    i am totally down to chill in a server and play this with you guys
  10. Revlis

    Revlis Guest

    This would be awesome!
  11. are you guys EU or NA? im EU
  12. Akernator

    Akernator New Member

    Im North America but it's all good. I am looking at adding FTB Utilities to help make the server possible for other players to join and start there own teams etc. I will do a simple test on my machine, to work out items in the chest you start with and maybe add some bonus food because the ship will be the spawn and no one will be claiming this area. Keep you all posted with details I hope to have everything done by this Monday!
  13. @Akernator when you put in the config, can you please put exhaust on OreExcavation on 0. and auto pickup. it will be more chil for me.
  14. Zaros559

    Zaros559 Guest

    I would also love to join a server if you get it running @Akernator ! I've gotten pretty far playing single player but it's always more fun to work with other people.
  15. Akernator

    Akernator New Member

    OK, I got it working, look up my Enjin site for the IP. I run Aker's World, I will be testing today to see how it runs.
  16. what is yur enjin site?
  17. Akernator

    Akernator New Member

    search akersworld in google it comes up, or send me private message.

    OK, it is working fine with FTB Utilities so I will add the links to the jar files for download. You need to add them to your instance folder to play the pack on the server.

    Last edited: Feb 10, 2018
  18. Hey! I'm very interested in this modpack/server! I tried to connect but it's a no-go. I'm a relaxed 21 year old just wanting to play some minecraft with other chill, non griefing people! ThePandaMeister is my IGN. Or PandaMeister... Honestly haven't played in a year or so so I'm not quite sure!
  19. deadalucard

    deadalucard Guest

    on his website he has made a typo. i wont say the full adress since he asked us to visit the website.
    so in the ip when it says: hosh it should be hosth missing a t.

    and u need to download both mods he says (i accidently took one as the update of the other since they have almost same number)
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