looking for 1-2 players to play a FTB skyfactory 2.5 until completion

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New Member
Sep 24, 2020

I am looking for one or two people to play Skyfactory 2.5 with me. I'll take care of the private server as i have 9 servers to use.

Just looking to learn a bit, have some fun, and just hang out with one or two chill people to just have some relaxing game play. Have a private room and voice channel on my Discord server for it.

I am EST and play around 4-5 hours per day i'm free, in the evening. Can be flexible if your time schedule is a bit different. I would prefer players that are on third shift.
My current schedule is down below.

Saturday 1:30AM > 3:30AM
Sunday 1:30AM > 5:30AM
Monday N/A
Tuesday N/A
Wednesday 12:00AM > 7:00AM
Thursday (Depends on what im doing)
Friday 12:00AM > 4:00AM

Prefer 18+, but looking for mature, chill, no drama players.

As Always,
John Csuti