Request look for a modded server to play (frames not compulsory);)

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by BPM, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. BPM

    BPM New Member

    hello world
    im an old boy (45)<today) that has never played on a modded server
    and id like to start playing with smp.
    played modded since redpower
    i love building world eaters with frames
    and resource hoarding.
    a rube goldberg machine builder.
    i have usually just played my own mod compilation
    looking for a modded white-list(coz i hate trolls) tech server to play with a community of like minded mod heads!
    here is some of my builds that i like to mess with
    six axis world eater running on  forth 1.12.2.png world eater 1.12.2.png six axis world eater run by this   forth  1.12.2.png inside my facilities 1.7.10.png rube goldberg  recycling machine 1.7.10.png inside the rig 1.7.10.png the rig 1.7.10.png one of my facilities 1.7.10.png six axis world eater run by this   forth  1.12.2.png
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  2. JaBrAnGuS

    JaBrAnGuS New Member

    Ive got an old school FTB ultimate server and looking for people to join me! hit me up
  3. TexasGuy1988

    TexasGuy1988 New Member

    Im looking to join one as well. Ive pretty much exclusively played the Direwolf20 modpacks, but I am open to try others.

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