Logistics Pipes Default Route and Machine Crafting

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  1. Sketchy Pyjamas

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    Hi, all,

    This is on FTB Infinity Evolved Expert Mode on 1.7.10.
    I've got a large logistics system with lots of crafting tables and crafting in machines. I have lots of multi-step crafting going on that includes steps that require machine crafting. Problem is, products from the machine crafting will always end up in my default route chest instead of going into the crafting table for the next step.
    This never happens with multi-step crafting that doesn't involve machines.
    My typical machine crafting setup is a chassis pipe on the output of the machine with one or more crafting cards, and a satellite pipe on the machine input.
    I've tried a bunch of configurations including putting the default route very far away so that it is guaranteed to the the farthest destination. Nothing seems to help.
    The only way I've been able to make it work is to have large caches of the machine-crafted items in containers with provider pipes.
    Any ideas on what might be going on?

  2. Sidorion

    Sidorion Well-Known Member

    Note that the crafting pipe wants to take the crafted product out of the machine by itself. Items put out of the machine automatically do not count to the crafting process and are ignored by the crafting pipe/module.
    The easiest way to set up machine crafting is to attach the crafting pipe/module to the INPUT of the machine. This way you do not need the satelite. The crafting pipe/module will try to etract the product from every side of the machine so there is no problem when nothing is attached to the output.
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  3. Sketchy Pyjamas

    Sketchy Pyjamas Active Member

    Thanks, Sidorian! This explains everything!

    I've got some tricky machine setups where I'm using Steve's Factory Manager to stuff things into inputs from chests (e.g. for induction furnaces), so I've got a chassis pipe with multiple crafting cards on the machine and a satellite pipe on a chest, but I imagine I can just turn off the output, at least for Thermal Expansion machines. Alternatively, I guess I could put the chassis pipe on the chest and have SFM put the products in the chest. I think I just need to remove ejector upgrades from the IC2 machines to make them work properly.

    Weird, I must've known this before because I had it working flawlessly on a different mod pack. This is the first time I've used logistics pipes for a long time (now in Infinity Evolved expert mode).

    You just made the pack playable for me again! I had given up in frustration.

  4. Sketchy Pyjamas

    Sketchy Pyjamas Active Member

    Turns out this doesn't work with Thermal Expansion machines (at least the Redstone furnace and the Pulverizer so far). The chassis pipe/crafting card doesn't pull the product out of the machine unless it's connected to an output, and then, as Sidorion points out, it isn't seen as a crafting product. For simple machines (one input and 1 output), I connect the chassis pipe with the crafting card to a chest sitting on top of the machine and a satellite pipe to the back of the machine. The top of the machine is set to output and the back of the machine is set to input. For the pulverizer, you'll have to deal with byproducts (e.g. gravel from pulverizing cobblestone). I did that by setting a side of the machine to output the byproduct and attaching a regular BC pipe to that side.
    So far, the trick described by Sidirion works fine for Ender IO, Railcraft and IC2 machines.
  5. Sketchy Pyjamas

    Sketchy Pyjamas Active Member

    Aaaaand you can't use a satellite pipe as I've described above. Looks like the product tries to go back into it and then isn't seen as a crafting product again.

    I ended up getting rid of the satellite pipe. I have the crafting pipe/card put input items into the chest and then I use an Ender IO item conduit to pull crafting input items out of the chest and push them into the machine.

    Here's an example with a pulverizer.

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  6. Celestialphoenix

    Celestialphoenix Too Much Free Time

    If you've got the augment space left for auto export- put a chest on the output side. Use a chest and vanilla hopper to feed the machine. Couple your logistics pipes to the chest.
    (its a lot trickier with 3 speed and 3 byproduct augments (processing sandstone into nitre)- you'll want to play around with sneaky upgrades and byproduct upgrades. It is possible with pure LP- however I can't quite remember how I did it)​

    An alternate solution is to put the crafting card on your storage destination for the target item, and use satellite crafting to send input items into the machine. You can then extract the machine output however you like, and Logistics will automatically 'sort' it into your storage system.
    Interesting bonus- if you have some target items already in storage, your crafting pipe will see those as completed crafts and immediately send them to wherever requested. (The crafting machine will still process the satellite items, and send those results into your storage system).​
  7. Sidorion

    Sidorion Well-Known Member

    You have to assign one side as output (main output red) so LP can pull out. On this side you don't want any pipe. The yellow output (byproduct) can be connected to a pipe so the machine can put out its byproduct to your network. The crafting pipe sits on the input of the machine.

    As an alternative you can remove the auto output augmentation from the TE machine and have the crafting pipe on the output and a satellite on the input. But in this case you will have to pull out the byproducts actively as LP can not handle percentage byproducts.

    Have you tried the grey in/out config on the TE machine? This mode on the TE machines is exspecially designed for handling in- and output from outside
  8. ratchet freak

    ratchet freak Well-Known Member

    An alternate solution is to create a secondary LP system that uses suppliers and extractors to feed the machines the ingredients from a chest and puts the results back into the same chest

    then just hook up the crafting pipe from the main system to that chest.
  9. Sketchy Pyjamas

    Sketchy Pyjamas Active Member

    Ah, didn't think to try that. Definitely simpler than what I did.

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