LFG *Infinity Evolved(EXPERT)* server 2-5 people



I am a avid Minecrafter and am looking for a group of people to play with on a Infinity Evolved Server.
If needed I can host a server or if someone else would like to.

Please post only if you are willing to do it. THX

I am 21(22 feb 1st :D)
Live in the US
Wanting a group of friends to play with cause my old ones are gone :(
Preferably over 18 I will go down to 16 if you post your IGN,Age we can get this going.
I am just tired of play evolved alone.

Server *Infinity Expert*
Preferably 2-5 people including me so a total of 3-6 people on the server.


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Jul 29, 2019
Hey there we got an active community running with 3 really hardcore players. And 5 normal casual players. Were all22+ so you might like that.

We only ask our people to be active on discord our VoIP, you don't have to talk but you have to be able to listen and respond in game.

And of course manage your stuff so you don't lagg out the server ;)

I'm a European player so you won't deal much with me but I can sent you a discord link and get you in contact with our owner ;)

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Sounds good to me. Ya give me the discord info and I can jump on today. Also the name of people I am looking for as well. thanks:)


im 34 from aus looking for people to play with on this mod pack in expert mode please let me know if you would like an extra thanks