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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Soft, May 27, 2019.

  1. Soft

    Soft Guest

    So apparently i've been searching among friends for people that would be genuinely interested in FTB gameplay w/ a fren, but they all either get burned out after few days, or just disconnect randomly and don't say a word.

    If you're looking for a person to play with, hit me up on discord anytime `Shi#1306`!

    I'm an easy going person, so i won't mind anyone, but i won't lie, it can be annoying if a person can not understand mods in english, so i guess that would be a nice thing, but if not, then we will sort it out somehow :3
  2. What sort of packs are you considering playing with people that makes them get burned out? I know I can get burned out after using the same mods over and over but I've come to explore more mods and come around to survivals again when an idea comes together or making a puzzle map that I enjoyed but with my own twists or I have people to play with on survival servers (even if mostly on 1.13/1.14 versions of the game and my multiplayer experiences are more because I do Youtube and helped a bunch of mod and datapacks developers out but still counts to me at least).
  3. Soft

    Soft Guest

    I'm considering any modpacks... I always did...
  4. travis24013

    travis24013 New Member

    tried adding you on discord name could not be found im NA will do any modpack currently have direwolf20 installed add me on disc i want someone to play with
  5. Mino

    Mino New Member

    Hey, add me on discord : Mino#5822
    I'm French but I understand english easily dw :p
  6. Sirmike23

    Sirmike23 New Member

    I’m interested are you still looking?

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