Closed Leaving Island deactivates Blood Magic rituals (Solved)

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  1. Hazmatik

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    Summary of the problem Leaving Island deactivates Blood Magic rituals

    Pack Version 3.0.4

    What is the bug? Anytime I log off or leave my island to go to another dimension or another players island, when I come back I have to re-activate my Blood Magic rituals which is costing me a lot of LP to have to keep activating them and causing server lag due to large amounts of mobs building up because the ritual that was killing them is no longer active. Have had this happen with Feathered Knife, Gathering Of Forsaken Souls, and Crack of the Fractured Crystal

    Mod & Version BloodMagic-1.9.4-2.1.0-69

    Link to log file

    Is it repeatable? 1. Use ritual diviner to place a ritual
    2. Activate ritual using activation crystal (make sure you have enough LP)
    3. Either travel to another dimension or log off.
    4. Come back to island and ritual says "Deactivated" when you look at Master Ritual Stone and is not working

    Known Fix
  2. Ashzification

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    I'm pretty sure it doesn't continue to work if the chunk is unloaded
  3. Hazmatik

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    Yes if the chunk is unloaded it won't continue to work but I've never had the issue of having to use LP again to re-activate it when the chunk is loaded. I think I solved the issue. The ritual was crossing chunk borders, after moving it all inside on chunk the issue seems to have disappeared. I guess when it was crossing borders one chunk would load/unload faster than the other making the master ritual stone not read a valid placement of the other ritual stones.
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